Certification of the quality management system (QMS) for compliance with SUST ISO 9001-2015

In October 2023, Italian E-learning Fashion School was certified by the certification body LLC “International Certification of Enterprises” for compliance with SUST ISO 9001-2015.

• In relation to the activities in the field of additional vocational education for adults and children.
• Professional retraining.
• Business and management consulting.

A certificate of conformity, permission to use the mark of conformity + mark of conformity and an expert certificate of conformity have been received.

The school is included in the register of certified organizations.

A quality management system can be described as a set of management processes based on the study of best practices and aimed at continuous improvement of the organization in relation to quality.

8 basic principles of work according to international standards ISO 9001

1. The company’s priority is the consumers’ needs.
2. Managers set clear goals and objectives of the organization, create conditions and a favorable environment for their achievement.
3. The staff takes an active part in production processes and is aimed at achieving maximum results.
4. Management is focused on interconnected processes working together, which makes it possible to achieve results faster.
5. A systematic approach to management is used. The great attention is paid to the relationships and connections of all parts of the organization that work towards a common goal.
6. Quality is a priority consequently regular training courses for employees are held, products are improved, and management processes are improved.
7. Key decisions in company management are made only using reliable sources of information.
8. Work with suppliers is carried out exclusively on a mutually beneficial basis.

The ISO 9001 document implies the creation of a high-quality company management system that is customer-oriented.

Certification of the quality management system (QMS) for compliance with SUST ISO 9001-2015