Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Process of Education in E-Learning Fashion School?

  1. You submit an application for education for the course you select from our courses page
  2. After the advanced payment you receive access: login and password to e-learning school portal where video-lessons, home assignments, tests and extra course materials are published. You also receive a workbook to keep your records.
  3. Course is divided into modules. You watch video lessons and additional materials for each course module.
  4. After watching each module you complete all home assignments, pass the evaluation test online on the material covered.
  5. At the end of education you complete the final course project (create a style and image for a particular person, make a fashion-shooting, develop a fashion blog, etc., as evaluated by an Italian instructor).
  6. Upon completing the education, passing the test and the final course project you receive a certificate on completion of education in English and Italian languages.
  7. As part of practice after the education you may complete an in-person workshop with an Italian designer from Milan in the direction chosen (you can find the cost of such internship here)
    If you’d like an in-depth individual practical approach with an Italian instructor in an online format, what we might suggest is the “Individual training” (contact us to know more detail here)

Is it efficient to study fashion online?

Study fashion online is a perfect way to have the most current European knowledge in fashion without spending too much time and money. You don’t need to spend your time and money travelling to Italy to complete the fashion education.

You’re virtually present at the lessons in Milan, watch video-lectures, where Italian teachers tell you about fashion and style, and show you examples of photo sessions, photos of successful and failure looks, assess the wardrobe and image of different people, etc. You complete your practical assignments and other test tasks.

Your studies are in no way different from those in-person lectures in an institution. Their main difference is that:

  • First of all, you can pause a video lecture at any time and review the moments you didn’t understand; something impossible during on-site courses.
  • Secondly, you can divide the education course into segments as to your convenience (your lesson may continue anywhere from 10 min to 3 hours per day). Your studies of fashion, image and style will be a pleasure.
  • Thirdly, video lessons on fashion and style can be watched at home, during travel, at a vacation home, in a café – all you need is a computer, an ipad or a smartphone with video watching capabilities.
  • Fourthly, you can study at any time of day or night, whenever you have an opportunity and wish to do so.

How long will be the period of access to e-learning portal of school?

We don’t want to limit you. For this we give you access in e-learning portal of school Forever.

Is It Possible to start working in fashion after studying at iELFs?

Yes, the practical example of our graduates shows it to be totally real.

Out of those graduating from the iELFs, many people start working professionally in various areas of fashion. Part of them start working as personal stylists and fashion stylists. Some people work in fashion magazines. Some graduates open their own showrooms and clothing shops.

It all depends on your desire and on how much attention you pay to education and home assignments.

Education itself – is it just theoretical, or are there any practical assignments?

We’re against the purely theoretical approach to studying fashion and style.

Therefore the education program is built in such a way that theory must be complemented with practice. You receive applied skills and knowledge that you may use in real life after the very first lessons.

All knowledge and skills given by Italian teachers during online lessons are supported with creative practical assignments every student completes.

What is the language of education in fashion courses?

Education is in English.

How can I understand the way the lessons look like? Do you have demo lessons?

You may watch demo video lessons from different courses on each course page.

When does the course start?

You choose for yourself when to begin your studies. After making an agreement you receive a password to access the long-distance education system and receive additional materials sent to you. After that you’re free to select the time to study, get tested and complete practical home assignments.

Is the course information up to date?

We watch closely for our materials to be current. For this lessons are being renewed regularly.

Is there a certification upon completion of studies?

Yes, upon completion of the course the student receives a certificate of European recognition on studies completed, specifying the topics covered. Certificate is provided in English and Italian. To see the certificate form, please contact us at here

What do you need to study at iELFs?

You need internet-connection and a computer or any other device (smartphone, tablet or smartphone), which would allow you to watch video and listen to audio.

How will you send education materials to me?

After making a payment you will receive access, login and password to the e-learning portal of the school, where video lessons, home assignments, tests and additional course materials are stored.

Can I download course materials, or will the access be restricted upon completion of the education?

You may download course materials forever to your computer, or watch them online in the long-distance portal throughout the entire education period.

Which course is better to choose?

You can choose the course here —> our courses

If you are not sure which course to choose, we will help you. Send us message Contact us

Refunds policy

Unfortunately, according to our policy online course orders are not eligible for refund or cancellation after payment. To understand better if you like a course and system of study you can download free lesson in any course. Also you can subscribe on our free course here.