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30 days

30 tasks

Certificate upon completion of the training

Improve your style in 1 month – participate in 30 Days Fashion Challenge

A new type of training for those who want to improve their image and style
Every day you will receive a task in Telegram on your phone, which will take 15 minutes to complete.

Tasks can be performed alone, you will only need your phone in the process.

In 30 days you will receive a large number of styling techniques and ways to create a beautiful image.

What topics will be mentioned in a fashion training

Every day you will receive a fashion secret from a stylist and examples of photos of images of how you can make it a reality.

Here are some topics that will be in the training:

How to make any image harmonious without additional purchases
How to dilute a boring image with one bright detail
How wear a sequined skirt in a casual wardrobe in a stylish way
How to visually make your legs look slim and elegant with the length of the skirt
How to make your legs visually longer
How to make your neck visually longer with a simple technique
How to visually make the waist thinner with a simple technique
How to look younger and fresher with color
How to look taller without heels
How to make your hips visually narrower with clothes
How to make shoulders visually narrower/wider with a simple technique
Try an interesting technique
How to look slimmer
How to pick a bag
How to make an image “tasty” with the help of color
How to create a reliable and serious impression of yourself with clothes — try an interesting technique
How to create a strong leadership image with clothes
How to wear an oversize in style
How to determine the ideal length of a jacket
How to determine the ideal width of skirts and trousers.
How to find out if a color combination suits you is a secret trick

How to take part in the training

1. Apply for the training
2. Pay and get access to the training on Telegram
3. Get a lesson in style every day for 30 days
4. Recieve a certificate upon the completion of the training

Where is the training going to be?
This is an online training — it’s going to be on the “Telegram” app

What will I need to do during the training?
Every day you will receive lessons and style tasks, to which you will have to write answers in the form of text, sometimes in the form of photos.

Who will read what I have written?
Training is a programmed bot. Messages are sent to you automatically, as well as answers to your tasks. We understand that your answers may be personal, so we will not publish your answers anywhere under your name, but we reserve the right to publish the best answers anonymously.

What do I need to have to participate in the training?
Only your passion and a mobile phone/tablet with the Telegram application installed (it is available for both Android and Iphone devices)

In 30 days, you will learn a large number of secret methods used by stylists all over the world. You will be able to improve your image and wardrobe.

What if I haven’t done fashion before?
Then our training is a great opportunity to start exploring style and fashion.

What tasks will I receive?
Example of a training task:

Task number 1
How to make any image harmonious without additional purchases.

In order to enliven any image and make it harmonious, use the rule of the “golden ratio”.

First, determine the location of the golden ratio point on your figure:
mentally draw a horizontal line between the elbows – this will be the line of the golden ratio.

Now try to place accents on it: for example, on this line, tuck a sweater into a skirt, or put on a peplum, belt, and a very long pendant. You can also fasten or unbutton a button in this place – depending on what the accent will be, or leave a strip of open body. The main thing is that there should be some contrasting detail here. But not above or below this line. This will always bring harmony to the image.

Task: Look at what you’re wearing now and assess where the Golden Ratio point should be in your image. Determine whether the principle of the Golden Ratio is observed in your set of clothes. If not, then change the image so that the principle of the Golden Ratio is respected. Take a picture of yourself and send the photo here.

We send a series of photo examples for each task


The cost of participation in the training is 39 euros

  • access to the training tasks
  • certificate upon the completion of the training from the Italian Fashion School

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