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Online course Certified Fashion Journalist

You would like to be a fashion journalist but don’t know how to start?

Take online course “Fashion journalist” and study fashion journalism with a teacher from Milan who writes for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, etc.

If you are a fashion journalist, you can:

  • write for fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan or Vogue
  • blog, create images and write texts for big online fashion boutiques
  • guide your own rubric and make videos for online fashion web sites and blogs
  • write articles, create still life pages and content for big internet shops of clothes
  • be a content manager for fashion brands and manage their Instagram or Facebook accounts

All what you need for start is to study this online course “Certified Fashion Journalist”
Just in 3 months you can start to work as a fashion journalist in any country

Why to choose this course

50% time practise

To become fashion journalist you need to write. During course you will train to write different fashion articles for magazines.

Unlimited personal tutor

You will have a personal tutor who will check all your articles and practise projects

Teacher – journalist from Vogue

You will study fashion journalism with a teacher from Milan who writes for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle.

You can choose a version of the course:

Basic and standard versions include 6 modules, premium version – 8 modules

1 module – How to write fashion articles. Practice

  • Who is a fashion journalist?
  • How to write a fashion article. Titles
  • How to write a fashion article. Structure
  • Where to take photos for your article in a fashion magazine
  • Practice. How to write a fashion article
  • Fashion journalism in web. Tips
  • Research in fashion journalism

2 module – Work in glossy magazines

  • Fashion publishers
  • 9 fashion writers you should know and read
  • How to write about fashion trends
  • How to write an article about trends
  • How to create still-life page about fashion trends for a magazine
  • Article about fashion history
  • Fashion life-style article
  • Fashion editorials
  • Fashion photographers to know
  • Fashion week

3 module – Collaboration with fashion brands

  • How to write about fashion brands
  • How to write up fashion interview
  • How to collaborate with a press office of designer brand
  • How to begin collaboration with fashion designers
  • Press days for fashion journalists

4 module – Work on TV and online channels

  • Video fashion journalism
  • Video about fashion show
  • Video about fashion event and backstage
  • Video production

5 module – Fashion journalist’s career

  • Types of fashion journalism
  • Fashion blogger and fashion journalist. The differences
  • How to find a job as a fashion journalist

Premium version:

6 module – Basics of fashion business   

  • Fashion designers
  • What do first and second lines of a brand mean
  • Fashion trends: what is it
  • Mass market brands. Fast fashion
  • Production of fashion collection
  • Fashion weeks and fashion shows
  • Licensing for apparel fashion and fashion industry
  • Haute couture and luxury in fashion

7 module – History of fashion and modern styles

  • Fashion History: when did the fashion begin
  • History of fashion. 1900-1940s
  • History of fashion. 1940-1950s
  • History of fashion. 1960-1970s
  • History of fashion. 1980s
  • History of fashion: 1990s – today
  • History of fashion. Modern styles

8 module – Basics of styling 

  • Conceptual style
  • Classic style
  • Rock style
  • Romantic style
  • Aggressive and sexy style
  • Sport and street styles
  • Glamour style

Simona Scacheri

teacher image

Fashion journalist in Italy

  • Fashion journalist for “Vanityfair”,, “Vogue Pelle”,
  • Fashion editor on Italian TV


Modern Literature in the History of Modern Art (Università degli Studi, Milan)

Work experience:

  • Fashion journalist at,, InDigital, “Vanityfair”, Mood Magazine, “Vogue Pelle”
  • Fashion Editor at Televisionet, PUBBLICITA’ ITALIA – TVN Media Group, at “toBe Magazine”
  • Fashion Editor Lecturer at Elite Fashion Academy, at ED Moda Lab, Milan
  • Editorial Director at WU Magazine
  • Founder&Blogger –, Milan Area
  • Managing editor in “Mania Magazine”

Alessandra Buscemi

teacher image
  • Communication manager at Kering Group (brands Brioni, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Puma, Saint Laurent etc.)
  • Fashion shows producer for Milan fashion weeks
  • 9 years experience in the fashion and luxury industries between Paris, Milan and Hong Kong
  • Marketing and brand management consultant for luxury brands
  • Teacher – focus on fashion styling, creativity, merchandising and brand development
  • Collaboration like a teacher and consultant with Marangoni institute and Bocconi institute

How to study

1. Apply for the course
2. Get an access to
our distant e-learning portal
3. Watch video lessons
4. Perform practical tasks
and get feedback from
a teacher
5. Perform tests and final progect
6.Get certificate


  • You want to be a fashion journalist
  • You are a blogger or a journalist but you would like to write also about fashion
  • You want to work in fashion and earn good money
  • You would like to work in a fashion magazine or in a PR department of a designer company


You choose when to begin your studies.

On average, the education process on this course takes up about 3 to 6 months; however, you may complete the course faster or slower, in accordance with your own schedule.

You can have a life-time access to all materials of the course.


All the lessons and practical tests are in English.


You can watch video lessons and complete home tasks on your computer, phone or a tablet at any time and in any place. All you need for your studies is the internet access and a computer/smartphone/tablet;


Having finished the course and completed practical projects and assignments, you get a certificate that you completed the “Certified Fashion journalist” course. The certificate is provided in English and Italian languages.

Basic version — 299 EUR (all inclusive)

  • Video lessons
  • Access period to the course – 6 months
  • Partly payment— no

Standard version — 399 EUR

  • Video lessons
  • Practical tasks during course
  • Answers of teachers to questions during studying
  • Evaluation of the home tasks and feedbacks by the teacher
  • Final project and evaluation of it by the teacher
  • Electronic certificate
  • Access period to the course – 12 months
  • Partly payment— 2 months, 209 euro per month

Premium version — 499 EUR (all inclusive)

For those who want best results

  • Video lessons
  • Practical tasks during course
  • Answers of teachers to questions during studying
  • Evaluation of the home tasks and feedbacks by the teacher
  • Final project and evaluation of it by the teacher
  • 3 Premium modules about fashion and styling
  • Original certificate
  • Free mailing of a certificate on your address
  • Life-time unlimited access to the course
  • Partly payment— 2 months, 269 euro per month
feedbacks ielfs

Svetlana, Italy

Education at the Italian school is a new step in my professional life. It was here where I learned all the theoretical foundations, got a new profession I dreamed about thanks to the excellent, very professional, wonderful teachers!!!

feedbacks ielfs

Natalia, Greece

What’s important is that nobody rushes you nowhere, makes you complete anything within tight deadlines. You can study materials and complete assignments when it is convenient and you have a mood for it.

feedbacks ielfs

Svetlana Trapeznikova, Russia

I finished the course Fashion Journalist, during the study process I learned a lot of new things, the fine things, characteristics of this sphere, this information I’d never learned somewhere else. I also liked that there was always a feedback, comments from teacher. Now I will strive for new heights!

feedbacks ielfs

Julianna, Belgium

All materials are made and decorated very well, and this is a great modern alternative to outdated lectures at other institutions. Everything was clear and informative!

feedbacks ielfs

Olga, Germany

All modules contain unique information you can’t find in any other sources. I would like to thank the entire team of the School for your Italian creativity and elegancy! For your ability to teach me the rules and how to break them finely.

feedbacks ielfs

Valery, Russia

I was totally thrilled with video lectures from Italian instructors, who told about the history of fashion and style in competent and accessible form. Sometimes my family would join me in watching them. Secondly, all my knowledge got orderly arranged in my head and many things became clear.

feedbacks ielfs

Ekaterina, Saudi Arabia

Thank you very much for the knowledge provided, I really hope to implement them in practice in the nearest future!

feedbacks ielfs

Eugenia, Portugal

The result is this: all knowledge and skills I obtained while studying in the Italian School of Fashion and Style were very current, useful and necessary to properly and professionally work as a real fashion journalist.

feedbacks ielfs

Helena, Greece

Educational materials are clear, understandable, flexible assignments – it was perfect for me. If I was asked by someone, “Is this school is good to study this course” my answer would be definitely “YES”.

feedbacks ielfs

Irene, China

I would like to say that even if my profession is not connected to the fashion world, this is just a hobby, but education in the Italian E-Learning Fashion School made me think about changing the scope. I plan to go further in this direction.

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