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Get a free online course “Home Interior Decor: Basics” led by an Italian architect from Milan

In just 1 hour, you will master the rules of home and apartment decoration according to the latest European trends.
Enroll in our online course and learn how to design and decorate your home interior just like in Italy

Program of the course:

– Main decoration rule: a focal point. What is it?

– How to choose right colors for an interior

  • monochrome color combination
  • complimentary color combination
  • the rule of three colors
  • the ideal number of colors in the interior
  • proportions of colors: what is it

– How to decorate the kitchen

– How to decorate a living room

– How to decorate a bedroom

– How to decorate a bathroom


After successfully completing the course, you will get a certificate in English and Italian.

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Teacher of the course “Home Design”


Daniele Esdra D’Aiuto

  • Italian architect and interior designer.
  • Works in Milan, Rome, London as an interior designer.
  • Decorates houses, exhibitions, clothing stores, special places of activity.
  • He graduated from the Polytechnic University with a degree in architecture in Milan, completed his master’s degree in exhibition interior, interior in shops and stores.

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