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Program of the course:

– Main decoration rule: a focal point. What is it?

– How to choose right colors for an interior

  • monochrome color combination
  • complimentary color combination
  • the rule of three colors
  • the ideal number of colors in the interior
  • proportions of colors: what is it

– How to decorate the kitchen

– How to decorate a living room

– How to decorate a bedroom

– How to decorate a bathroom


After successfully completing the course, you will get a certificate in English and Italian.

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Teacher of the course “Home Design”


Daniele Esdra D’Aiuto

  • Italian architect and interior designer.
  • Works in Milan, Rome, London as an interior designer.
  • Decorates houses, exhibitions, clothing stores, special places of activity.
  • He graduated from the Polytechnic University with a degree in architecture in Milan, completed his master’s degree in exhibition interior, interior in shops and stores.

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