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Do you want to become a fashion designer?
Take our free express course “How to become a fashion designer”

You will receive complete and comprehensive information about who can become a fashion designer, where you can work after studying, how much designers earn today and how to work as a freelance designer.

What will be in the free course?

The course is completely practical.
You watch video tutorials, immediately put the theory into practice and create your own design item.

  • How to become a fashion designer and where to start
  • How much do fashion designers earn today
  • Where do fashion designers work
  • Is it hard to find a job as a fashion designer
  • Is it possible to work as a freelance fashion designer
  • How to get a job as a designer in a company
  • What are the skills and knowledge requirements for those who want to become a fashion designer
  • How to become a fashion designer if you are a teenager


After successfully completing the course, you will get a certificate in English and Italian.

How to study on this course

1. Apply for the course
2. Get an access to
our distant e-learning portal
3. Watch video lessons
4. Get a certificate

Teacher of the course “How to Become a Fashion Designer”


Yulia Kulakova

  • Fashion designer with 25 years of experience
  • She has been working as a design director and fashion designer since the founding of the Kira Plastinina mass market clothing brand and has created more than 50% of the assortment (including most of the bestsellers in the chains of stores in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine)
  • Fashion designer of her own brand “Fashion Laboratory”
  • Fashion designer for Russian-Greek prêt-à-porte brand “Nina Donis”.
  • She has worked in various segments of fashion design and is well versed in practice on how to create limited edition luxury collections, make clothes for mass market brands with large production factories in China and how to develop your own fashion brand.
  • She was the winner of fashion designer competitions (“Admiralty Needle”, “Russian Silhouette”
    etc.), worked as a jury member for the competitions “Russian Silhouette”, “Volga Seasons of Alexander Vasilyev”.