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Become a Fashion Illustrator and draw fashion sketches!

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Learn how to paint fashion sketches with watercolor

Study in Italy online on express course “
Watercolors for Fashion Illustration“.

After this express course you will be able to paint beautiful fashion sketches with watercolors even if you’re a beginner.
The course is created by Italian fashion illustrator from Milan. 

Why you should choose this Express course

Made in Italy

You will study in Italy online. You will learn how to draw fashion sketches using Italian techniques.

Personal tutor

You will have a personal tutor – illustrator from Italy who will check all your sketches

Study whenever you want

You can study any time. There is no need to attend webinars on schedule.


After this course, you’ll receive a certificate 

Program of the course “How to paint fashion sketches with watercolors”

In this course Italian teacher explain with many details the techniques of painting with watercolors. After finishing the course you will be able to paint your first fashion sketches. The duration of this express course is about 2 hours.

If you can’t draw at all, can you study on this course?

Yes, you can. This course was created specially for people who have never drawn before as well as for those who have some drawing skills.

  • Types of Watercolor Paints and which paints to use for fashion sketches
  • Watercolor Painting Techniques when you draw fashion sketches
  • Watercolor Technique: wet on dry. Practise to paint a fashion sketch
  • How to Sketch Clothes with Waterolor: basic rules and practise
  • Watercolor Illustration: “Wet on Wet” Technique and how to use it when you draw fashion sketches

The most important element of education in the fashion world is teachers.
You will be taught by Italian fashion illustrator who draws for designer brands and European fashion magazines.

Veronica Mancini

  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Studied as an illustrator and fashion designer in Milan
  • Worked as a fashion illustrator for Dolce&Gabbana projects in Milan
  • Created collections as a freelance fashion designer
  • Creates fashion illustrations for glossy magazines and Italian designers

Instagram: @veronicaart

How to study on this course

1. Apply for the course

2. Get an access to
our distant e-learning portal

3. Watch video lessons

4. Perform practical tasks
and get feedback from
a teacher

5. Get certificate

Individual schedule

  • You can start the education after payment
  • There are no deadlines for the tasks. You shouldn’t attend online webinars
  • You study when you want. We would like to offer you the course where creativity and studying bring you pleasure

You study in Italy without leaving your home

  • You can be anywhere in the world, but it is important to have mobile phone/laptop/computer and access to the Internet
  • You can study at home, in a cafe, on the way to work or in a countryside
  • There is translation of the course into English
  • After finishing the course you will get a European certificate of the completion of the course “How to draw fashion sketches with markers”

Basic version — 79 $ (all inclusive)

  • Video lessons
  • Access period to the course – 1 month

Standard version — 119 $ (all inclusive)

  • Video lessons
  • Evaluation of the home tasks and feedbacks by the teacher
  • Evaluation of the final project
  • Electronic certificate
  • Access period to the course – 2 months

Basic version — 79 $ (all inclusive) – 49 $

  • Video lessons
  • Access period to the course – 1 months

Standard version — 119 $ (all inclusive) – 69 $

  • Video lessons
  • Evaluation of the home tasks and feedbacks by the teacher
  • Evaluation of the final project
  • Electronic certificate
  • Access period to the course – 2 months

How is your course different from other courses?
1. You learn Italian fashion illustration techniques.
2. Your teacher is  Italian illustrator from Milan.
3. You can study at any convenient time, you don’t have to follow the group, attend webinars, keep up with someone’s schedule.
4. You get all the lessons in the course at once – you can watch those drawing techniques that you like best.

I can’t draw at all, can I study on this course?
– Yes, you can. This course is created for those who have never drawn before, as well as for those who already know some drawing techniques.

Is there an assignment schedule?
– You study and do assignments whenever you can and whenever you want. We don’t make any assignment schedules on purpose. We want you to enjoy the learning process.

Do I need to attend webinars?
– No, you get all the lessons at once and watch them at any convenient time.

Will teachers check my drawings?
– Yes, your practical works will be checked by Italian fashion illustrators from Milan. They will provide feedback on the drawings and supervise your learning.

Do you give a certificate after finishing the course?
– As a result of the training, you will receive a European certificate.

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