image student feedback 4

Completed the course “Stylist/Personal Shopper. Image Consultant” in 2012.

Why did you decide to study for a stylist/image maker?
Once I’ve thought what it would be interesting for me to do in my life, what do I like to do that could also earn me money – and I decided to start with learning to be a stylist at the Italian School of Fashion and Style. I thought that even if I won’t need it professionally, it won’t go amiss for me anyways.


What I enjoyed about the education:

  • proper evaluation of work completed. In my opinion, mistakes were pointed out correctly;
  • well-structured teaching of a subject matter;
  • unlimited duration of studies, which really helped in my case;
  • great visual material.

During the education process I learned to see an image as a whole, as well as its specific details. Notice nuances, which you either don’t notice, or can’t understand what needs to be changed, unless you have specific knowledge of stylistics. Never before was I interested in the history of fashion and in designers.

Thank you very much for the knowledge provided, I really hope to implement them in practice in the nearest future! It was great working with you, and I wish you the best of luck and further development!

What I enjoyed about the education: well-structured teaching of a subject matter and great visual material.

Ekaterina Baturina (Kiseleva)