How to become a fashion blogger

Free online webinar with Italian
fashion-blogger from Milan

“How to become a fashion-blogger”

There are people who get big fees just for trying on designer clothes or taking part in fashion-events and then posting their opinion in blogs or social networks.

These people are called fashion-bloggers.

This is a new profession in a fashion world that unites style, fashion and journalism.

Are you interested in trying yourself as a fashion blogger?

We invite you to a free webinar with Italian fashion-blogger

“How to become a fashion-blogger” 

Popular Fashion blogger Eleonora Milano will tell you 

who bloggers are today, and how you can become a successful  fashion-blogger.

Program of a webinar

  • Who is a fashion-blogger today
  • Is it real to become a successful fashion-blogger
  • Who is considered as the most successful and famous fashion-blogger in a fashion world? Who is the most famous fashion-blogger in Italy now
  • How do fashion-bloggers get their fees
  • How do designer brands collaborate with fashion-bloggers
  • How much time do you need to promote your fashion-blog and start to collaborate with designer brands
  • Is it true that designers get inspiration for their collections from different fashion-blogs
  • Is it true that nowadays people who start fashion brands in a fashion world are fashion-bloggers
  • What should you do to start a collaboration with designer brands

Find out how to become a successful fashion-blogger

Who is a teacher

Eleonora Milano

teacher image

Fashion-blogger, journalist, personal shopper

Lives and works in Milan, Italy

  • Fashion-blogger and journalist (her fashion-blog –
  • Works as a fashion-journalist and blogger for a famous Italian fashion magazine
  • Writes articles for magazines GoWoman, Vain Magazine, Chooze e Movie&Style, program on Italian web-TV “C100 web tv”
  • Collaborates as a fashion-blogger with different companies like Italia Independent, Stroili Oro, AGL e Okhtein,
  • She constantly participates in different fashion-events: as a fashion blogger she visits Fashion Week (e.g. such presentations as Marani, Cristiano Burani, Costume National, D&G, Ravizza, Genny, Lualdi, les copain, anteprima, gregis, a una Wang, Iceberg, Nicholas K, Ferragamo, Rebecchi, Richmond, Ter et Bantine,Furla, Coccinelle, Cruciani, Breil, Alessandra Zanaria, O jour), press-days and other events.

How to participate in a webinar

  • The webinar will be on the 9 of December at 10.00 AM GMT
  • You need only Internet access and a computer. You don’t need to install any programs
  • The only condition for participants is to share the information about this webinar in one of your social networks below

The participation is absolutely FREE!

What you need to do:

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