3 Eye catching color combinations to try this summer

There are 2 ways to make an unusual outfit that people will notice:
  1. buy designer clothes with an unusual design
  2. use a bright and unusual combination of colors in clothes
Not everyone can buy designer clothes, but you can always combine bright colors with the clothes that you already have.
Today, our Italian teachers will tell you about the 3 most fashionable color combinations this summer.

Lavender and Rose

It’s hard to fail at looking great when you wear such pretty summer color shades.
Both colors are great to wear together, but you may also play around with one of them in your casual summer outfits.

Tangerine and Brown

Such zingy tangerine shades are a refreshing addition to your summer wardrobe, and the easiest way to incorporate them is via a floaty summer dress or a skirt. And then just add a chocolate brown bag or brown sandals.
And if you choose such colors, they can also be suitable for your autumn wardrobe.

Lemon and Sea Salt

Shades of pale yellow feel very right now, and fashion girls are largely wearing such refreshing outfits.
We think many of you have at least one white top in your closet, so why not try it with yellow lounge shorts or a cotton suit next?