4 most trendy colors this summer 2021

It is not as difficult to look fashionable and unusual as it seems. You just need to choose the right color combinations.

Today the Italian teachers of our school will tell you about 4 colors that will make your look trendy and stylish this summer.

Tangerine color

Such a bright sunny color looks perfect on both light-colored and tanned skin.
Tangerine is the ideal vibrant color that works best with colors in neutral shades like white or denim.

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Lilac color

Lilac is a related shade to lavender, but more sophisticated.
Despite the seasonality of the flowers, after which these shades are named, lilac can be worn not only in spring, but all summer.

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Butter yellow color

We think you have never seen yellow so soft. In this case, the sunshine color is more subdued and the result is a nice pastel color.

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Sky blue color

The shades of blue in the summer may not surprise you, because it’s always a win-win.
Summer is the time of the ocean, sea and endless blue sky, so why not add this shade to your wardrobe?

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