Interior Design Trends 2024

Every year, designers choose interesting and new solutions for decorating the interior of a house or apartment. Our school teachers have collected ideas for you on decorating your interior in 2024.

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Minimalistic murals

One of the interior trends of 2024 are minimalist murals.
This is a variation of an accented wall – instead of bright paint or flashy wallpaper, restrained tones and patterns are used here – abstraction, foggy landscapes, minimalist drawings.

Soviet union-like door handles

An interesting and ultra-budget idea on how to bring a little retro into the interior – install glass door handles like those from the Soviet union period. They fit well into bright, minimalist interiors, and you can find many different options on bulletin boards on the Internet.

Sculptural furniture

The trend is not new, but now we are talking specifically about conceptual objects that will move from galleries to ordinary interiors. You should not forget about functionality: a chair intended as a piece of art may turn out to be completely inconvenient in use, but a bedside table or table will decorate your home without harm for your back.


One of the ways to visually enlarge the living room space is to make it symmetrical. To prevent the room from looking boring, you can use various accessories that can either enhance symmetry or, on the contrary, introduce a little chaos.

Texture art

Texture art is a cool solution for decoration. Eco-leather, fabrics, oils can be used. Also stuff left from renovation can also be used for interior paintings – here is a huge space for imagination. You can even try to create an art object by yourself.