Asian style in the interior: how to create

Today we will talk again about styles in interior design. And it will be an Asian or oriental style in the interior, we will tell you about its main features.


  • Japanese traditions and culture in the interior
  • the rule “excess of everything is bad”
  • maximum closeness to nature (use of natural materials: wood, paper, textiles)

Oriental style in the interior is, first of all, the structure of space

Lighting is also of great importance for the Japanese style in the interior

  • the light is soft, dim
  • traditional Japanese chandeliers and lamps with paper shades of unusual shapes

Color palette in the interior

  • combination of white and black or milky with a dark brown shade of window frames
  • combination of black, red, orange
  • light and beige tones prevail
  • for a theatrical effect gold and glossy lacquer can be used.


Wooden parquet (or laminate) with a natural pattern.


  • the main color is light
  • usually the color of the ceiling matches the color of the walls
  • use of contrasting color beams in the form of squares


  • in an oriental style in the interior of a bedroom or any other room, the walls are painted in a light color
  • on the walls there may be drawings of plants, images of sakura, flowers and hieroglyphs
  • paper screens as partitions (with the image of flowers, hieroglyphs, plant motifs)


  • use of low furniture with clear shapes
  • furniture of monochromatic dark restrained tones (often black)
  • futon bed


Curtains in Asian designs are not used.

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