Fashion visual merchandising tips: Pyramid

Visual Merchandising is a good took to increase sales of any kind of fashion store.
One of the main principles of merchandising is the principle of the pyramid.

Our teacher of online course “Visual Fashion Merchandiser” Ekaterina Kulakova will talk about how the pyramid principle works in merchandising, and how it can help increase the sales.

How does the Pyramid principle work?

The “principle of the pyramid” is a way to lay out things (clothes, shoes or accessories) in such a way that visually they form a pyramid or a triangle.

You need to place the largest item in the center, and the smallest around it. Thus, other objects “go” out of focus, and visually we get a pyramid. Many stores have been using this technique for a long time, as it proves its worth over and over again.

This principle also ensures that you can arrange the same clothes or accessories in completely different ways. And the display will never look “boring” and “the same”.

Please note that a 3-piece pyramid works best

What pyramid options can be:

Option 1 – Pyramid-Staircase

All items, mannequins or racks are placed from high to low or vice versa, according to the principle of stairs.

Option 2 – Symmetric Pyramid

A tall object is placed in the middle, and low objects are placed symmetrically on the sides.

Option 3 – Asymmetric Pyramid

A tall object is placed in the middle, and objects on the sides are of different heights.