Best Autumn and Winter Jackets for each body type

If you think about what clothes you most often wear in the fall and winter, then you will immediately imagine a winter jacket.

Today the Italian teacher of our fashion school Antonella Petrecca will talk about how to choose the right winter jacket for women and which variant will be best for your body shape.

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Apple type

You have a full belly, large breasts, but slim hips, legs and arms.

Our task is to visually reduce the abdomen, so all short bulky winter jackets are not considered. The ideal option would be a long winter jacket (of thin or medium thickness) to the knee or a single-breasted coat of midi or maxi length.

A jacket should be chosen with a smooth texture, without brightly standing horizontal quilted elements (these elements visually add volume to the body) or with diagonal quilted stripes that visually will slim the figure. Better dark with a zipper.


You have a well-proportioned figure, waist, chest and hips stand out well.

For this type of figure, all types of winter jackets are suitable – shortened voluminous winter jackets or long jackets.

The figure is best emphasized by a long down jacket on the belt or with an elastic band at the waist or a close-fitting winter jacket. You can choose winter jackets with fur or a hood.


You have a slim figure, but the waist does not stand out well, your task is to create volume in the chest and hips so that the waist line appears.

A short bomber jacket will look great. It will add roundness to the figure. Also choose a long winter jacket with a flared bottom from the waist or an A-silhouette jacket.

Winter jackets can be chosen with a fur collar or a hood.

Pear type

The hips in this type of figure are wider than the shoulders. Your task is to hide body imbalances.

It is worth choosing a shortened winter jacket-bomber, which will add volume to the top and balance the body shape.

The second option is to choose a regular short winter jacket with a voluminous fur collar.

From the long options, you may choose a jacket with a flared bottom from the waist or an A-silhouette winter jacket.

Inverted triangle

In your figure, the shoulders are wider than the hips.

A jacket or a long A-silhouette jacket will visually add volume at the hip level and balance the broad shoulders.

All winter jackets should be without a fur collar and without a hood.

Oval type (plus-size)

You have a plump figure. The weight is evenly distributed over the figure (full waist, chest, hips, arms and legs).

Ideally, you should choose not a winter jacket, but a coat, because it has a finer texture and will not add volume to the figure. A cocoon coat is the best outerwear for fall and winter.

A coat should be chosen without a fur collar and a hood – the less drapery and extra elements are on you, the slimmer you will seem.