How to Choose the Right Curtain Length

You’ve probably noticed that in different rooms the length of the curtains is different.
We asked our teacher Italian interior designer Daniele DʼAiuto from Milan to tell us how long the curtains should be in a house or apartment.

Curtains have to do two tasks: they need to block out the light and make the room beautiful.
Most interior designers would suggest floor-to-ceiling curtains, but there is no strict rules here.
Your curtains can be of any length, it all depends on the overall design of the room.

In total there are 4 lengths that you see in the picture.

1. The curtain ends in the same place as the window.

Curtains that fall to the windowsill are appropriate for an informal country-style interior.
These curtains are also common in kitchens or other areas where windows are often opened. Otherwise, the curtain can get in the way.

2. The curtain is below the windowsill, but does not reach the floor level

It is a more elegant combination, balanced with functionality.
This is often the most attractive option with short curtains. Curtains cover the sill, but don’t touch the radiator underneath.
You can also move the curtains far beyond the window frame to provide maximum light in the room when windows are open – this is often a very important factor in small houses, cottages or country houses.
Choose curtains with an edge just above the radiator or a maximum of 10 cm below the window sill.

3. The curtain, starting from the very top, reaches exactly the floor level

This is an elegant and beautiful variant.
Floor-length curtains look good in most rooms – they grab attention and allow the fabric of your choice to make the best impression. The classic length of the curtains should not be more than a centimeter above the floor level, so the curtains are easy to move and they fit effortlessly into place.

If you want floor-length curtains, but don’t want to cover up the batteries, use blinds that extend to the windowsill, along with floor-length front curtains. You will not constantly push them apart, but they will perfectly frame the window on both sides.

4. Exquisite length when it is necessary to give the room an “expensive” look

In this case, the curtain goes down from the ceiling to the floor and has a length of about 10 cm more than the height of the room to the ceiling.
For a romantic and slightly extravagant effect, the curtains can be pulled apart a few inches so that they “spread” across the floor.

It does not look as neat as the usual length of curtains, and requires more careful maintenance, since the curtains need to be neatly “unfold” every time we open and close them.
But this is a good option if you have moved out of the house and your old curtains are too long, or you bought beautiful second-hand curtains that you don’t want to remodel.

This option is not recommended for apartments with pets and small children.

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