How to create a fashion collection: Best Sellers and Anti-Best Sellers

Today we will tell you some secrets about how fashion designers and brand-companies create fashion collections.

Our teacher of the course “Certified Fashion Designer” Julia Kulakova will tell you what are best sellers and anti-best sellers on each fashion collection. 

What are Best Sellers and Anti-Best Sellers in a fashion collection?

Most often, Best Sellers in women’s clothing are understandable minimalistic items.
Neat and not voluminous.
The most hit colors now are black, beige, red, and for the tops – beige and milky.

What are Anti-Best Sellers?

These are the items that few people buy and they remain for the period of sales.
The easiest way to understand what things were anti-best sellers is to go on sales and see. The anti-hit may be a certain color or style.
Every season, a fashion designer must conduct a “market analysis” and be sure to visit stores of other brands. You also need to go to sales and understand what were the anti-hits from other brands, so as not to create such things in their collections.

How a clothing brand defines what are hits and anti-hits in its collections?

In many companies, the scheme of working with hits is similar.
What all international companies do:

  • About once a week or two, an office for designers holds a meeting where they discuss in detail what and how is going with sales.
  • Bestsellers repeat in the new season, sometimes with changes, for example, color changes, etc.
  • You could notice it yourself on the example of mass-market brands. For example, in Zara.
  • I often see replays there and therefore I understand that it was a hit. On these things, the company makes a profit.
  • Sometimes the designers themselves are unhappy that they have little to do new things, instead you need to repeat things.
  • However, practice shows that people like original things on the celebrities and on the models in the fashion shows, but in reality most will buy clothes more close to life.