How to open your own online atelier in Italy and start to work as a bespoke consultant

Some times ago we opened a new project “Sartorialist: open online tailor shop in Italy”.
Itsʼ a special project in collaboration with an Italian company Eligo Milano. Clients in your city will be able to create bespoke clothes of VIP quality made in Italy via internet.
You can get a ready-made fashion business and open online tailor shop in Italy.

Many of you have questions about how the project works, how you can become a bespoke consultant and how to open an online atelier in Italy.

Today we’ll answer your most popular questions.

Who is a Sartorialist?

A sartorialist is a consultant who helps men and women to create bespoke clothes in a tailor shop. He knows fashion, basics of tailorʼs art and coordinates process between a tailor shop and clients.

How does the project work?

  • You study online on a course “Sartorialist: open online tailor shop in Italy”
  • You make certification test and sign contract with Italian company Eligo Milano
  • Clients in your city will be able to create bespoke clothes of VIP quality made in Italy via internet
  • Eligo Milano takes care of all technical issues: search for the best fabrics and accessories, selection of new designers, tailoring and coordination of tailors, delivery of finished products to your country. You only help the client choose a suit and take measurements.
  • You will receive a support of an Italian team leader who will help you to create a strategy to promote your online tailor shop. Every month you can have online webinars and consultations for free (speaks English)

How much I will earn working with Eligo Milano?

You get 20% from every order. For example, if you have only 5 clients per month who order 1 costume, you will earn 1,500 euros.

Is it required to have a stylistʼs education to work as a sartorialist?

Styling skills will be useful, but not required. As part of the training in this course, you will receive all the necessary information and knowledge to open your online studio.

Which kinds of clothes may be tailored by the Italian atelier for my clients?

For men – individual tailoring in the studio of classic, business suits, evening ceremonial suits for weddings, different special events. Shirts, ties, shoes.
For women – individual tailoring in the studio of classic suits (trousers, skirts), shirts.

What are the costs of opening an online studio?

You do not need an office, you do not need to hire staff, you do not need to purchase equipment and fabrics.
For work, you purchase only 2 kits with samples from the Italian company Eligo Milano (the cost of 2 kits will be fully compensated to you after you start working with clients).
An Italian company pays for the delivery of ready-made suits and fitting of clothes for the client in your city.

May I try working with Eligo Milano at first?

Yes, you may, even without purchasing kits of samples. You sign a cooperation agreement and make the first orders for photos on the sites.

Do I have to order a specific number of items at Eligo Milano?

No, there are no obligations. You can work whenever you want and order as many things as you want for your customers. You can work as a personal shopper, stylist and additionally offer the clients the option of ordering suits in Italy.