How to choose a bag to your body type properly?

Handbag is not just a storage place for necessities, but first of all it is an accessory, which substantially distinguishes the taste of a man or a woman. Handbag can change you look completely, either make it fashionable or totally destroy it. Often handbag helps you to correct your body deficiencies or, to the contrary, accentuates on the defects.

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This is why it is very important to be able to properly pick a handbag.

Italian stylists of our school have put together a number of rules that will help you to be able to easily pick a handbag that’s right for your body type.

Handbag Shape for your body type

When choosing a shape of a handbag, one shall refer to the rule of contrast between the shape of a handbag and that of a body type.

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This means that if you have a plump (round) and short body type, your handbag shall be long and rather square in shape.

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If you are tall and slim, your handbag shall be rather wide than long and have a rather round shape.

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Thus a handbag balances the forms of your body.

Handbag Size

When choosing a handbag by size, there is an opposite rule in action: handbag size shall correspond with the body size.

If you are petite, you should pick a small handbag. It’s bad idea to carry a large handbag that will look disproportionally in comparison to your body.

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If your body type is tall and/or heavy-built, you’d better choose a large handbag. Small ones will only further accentuate your large body.

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Talking about the latest fashion, all European designers and stylists prefer wearing large purses rather than small ones.

Shoulder Bag or Handbags with Short Handles?

If you have a very large bosom or wide shoulders, you should avoid shoulder bags with long handles. You should also avoid large handbags.

Best option for you is a handbag with small handles, which can be carried around in your hands. Or, as an option, a purse on a long strap, which helps to shift attention from your upper body to your lower part with less problems.
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For those with wide thighs or plump belly, to the contrary, it would be best to pick a shoulder bag on handles and avoid carrying purses on long straps. In this case you need to shift the focus to the top of your body from the bottom.

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Handbag Style

It is believed that average and large handbags best suit casual and everyday outfits.

Small purse makes your image more elegant and therefore best suits for a night out in a restaurant or at a club. Therefore small clutches are so popular.

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It’s totally wrong to combine an evening floor-length dress with a large or even medium-sized handbag.Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 15.33.33

Backpack-style pouch makes your image rather sportive, childish or touristic, therefor a man or a woman wearing elegant or business style of clothing shall avoid this type of handbags.

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