How to take an awesome fashion photo for your Instagram and blog

Some people are simply mad about taking selfie, but their photos impress nobody, they won’t be watched by anybody.

In principle, it’s possible to make even the most unpleasant photo lovely, but it is better that you turned out well at once, and then edited it to perfection. And this is how to make it.

Selfie became such a popular phenomenon that in 2013 in Great Britain it was recognized as the word of the year and added to the Oxford Dictionaries.

And how about attracting interest of other people to the smartphone photos?

Here are several rules and recommendations how to make it.

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At first, it’s necessary to think about lighting. The natural light is the best for taking photos as when it’s dark in the room or there is too bright light from a lamp, a half of colors can be lost.

Try to put the light source before you, above your eyes’ line. If the sun is too bright, hang up a thin curtain to scatter the rays. In such light face lines turn out to be softer and smoother.

If the natural light isn’t enough, it’s possible to use the artificial one to fill the shades. Stay away from camera flash (especially in a mirror): it distorts appearance and gives you the effect of “red eyes”.


The right angle

You shouldn’t take the full-face photos, leave them to the documents. Experiment with poses; there’s the meaning, the best way is to turn face on 30-45 ° aside — so the picture seems more volume, and the chin line doesn’t blend with a neck.

And to which side face should be turned, depends on your features. The right and left halves of the face differ a little: one can be more symmetric, an eye can be smaller, besides, there can be birthmarks or some skin unevenness.

Choose the side that turns out on the best way: at first shoot yourself from the right, and then from the left hand, then compare results. The side that’s more photogenic should be closer to the camera.

Despite inconvenience, don’t use the front camera as the photo quality will be low. Yes, you should turn the smartphone specifically, but you can set the timer for two-three seconds and prepare, get a natural pose and smile before the camera takes a selfie.

How to take photos

Don’t use a mirror, take the photos of yourself from a hand — the smartphone will be visible in a mirror.


Beautiful places

In any area there are such views on the background of which it’ll be great to take a selfie. Even the sky can be incredibly beautiful, without speaking about different sights from different angles and natural objects. The nature in general is an infinite sourсe of backgrounds for taking selfie.