How to wear statement jewelries

In the last few years the number of statement jewelries increased a lot. Jewelries not only complete the outfit but often are the main part of the look. Statement jewelries are one of the most popular trends nowadays.

How to wear statement jewelries, how to mix them and how to choose colors properly? We asked an Italian stylist, teacher of Italian E-Learning Fashion School to tell you about it in details.

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Basic rules of mixing statement jewelries with clothes and each other:

If you choose a bright and statement jewelry it is better to use only one jewelry.
It means that there could be either statement and bright earrings or statement necklaces or a statement bracelet/many bracelets – but not all these jewelries together in order not to make a total look heavier.


The more a jewelry is unusual the more simple clothes should be.

In this case you will create a contrast between neutral and bright (particularly if it is about neck jewelry). Some people know how to mix multicolor jewelries in one outfit but it is the top class (if you are not sure please don’t risk).

Do not use jewelry sets

Surely you remember those days when women wore jewelry sets: earrings, rings, necklaces – they should fit each other in materials and color.
Now it is no more actual. It is good to mix different jewelries by their color: a jewelry and shoes, a jewelry and a belt, a jewelry and a lipstick color, a jewelry and a nail polish color.


Who should/shouldn’t wear statement jewelries?

Surely you saw women who underline their weak spots instead of hiding them. E.g. a woman underlines a big belly with the help of a red belt or a woman with wider hips put on fit tight shorts with horizontal stripes. They make the same mistakes when it comes to jewelries.

It is important to remember that statement jewelries attract people’s attention to them and then to a part of a body that is near.

So, if you have bigger arms and not very good nails don’t wear statement rings or bracelets. If you have unwashed hair avoid long earrings. However if you have a beautiful low neck underline it with the help of a bright pendant or a necklace.


Important remarks on choosing and mixing statement jewelries:

Bigger women should avoid statement necklaces in order not to make their look heavier. However bright long earrings are good for them because they will make their face visually longer and distract people’s attention from wider hips and underline a beautiful face and hair.
Long earrings shouldn’t lay on your shoulders or to be under your clothes.
When choosing bright statement rings it is better not to wear them with statement bracelets. It is either a statement ring or a statement bracelet.
When choosing statement necklaces avoid statement earrings (choose stud/hoop earrings or don’t wear earrings at all).


Trends in creating outfits with statement jewelries

Statement necklaces, chains, pendents are very trendy nowadays.
All these jewelries can be divided into 2 groups: by size (statement) and by brightness, extravagance and originality.

An interesting idea for outfits is a combination of contrast styles in clothes and jewelries.

Clothes in a romantic style and chains/necklaces/bracelets in a rock style
Basic clothes (white t-shirt, denim shirt, sailor suit) and statement stone necklaces often in a retro style

When completing an outfit with jewelries it is good to remember Coco Chanel’s words: “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on”.