Interior designer profession: where you can work and how much you can earn

The profession of an interior designer is becoming more and more popular every day.

Many people want to update their old housing, to make it more fashionable and stylish, but do not know how.
Besides, the number of new buildings is growing, where it is necessary to create interesting interiors. And people with completely different incomes are increasingly ordering services for the development of the design of apartments and houses.

We will tell you what an interior designer does today and what his salary is.

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Who is an interior designer and what does he do?

All interior designers can be divided into 2 categories

Variant 1: An interior designer who works in a specialized design bureau.

In this case, the designer works in a team with architects, other designers, visualizers, and even a construction team. The bureau receives orders from off-line or online clients and develops layouts for them.

It often happens that an interior designer in a bureau does only a certain part of the work (for example, only draws plans in Archicad or only meets with clients).

  • Office work will appeal to those who love stability and want career growth. This is a full-time job. You will have a vacation pay and a regular salary.
  • Salary in Europe is from 1500 to 3500 euros.

Variant 2: Freelance interior designer

In this case, the interior designer works independently. He meets with clients or takes online courses. He comes up with layouts and takes measurements all by himself. Such designers can also supervise the implementation of the interior design.

Freelance designers almost always have their own construction team that performs projects for clients.

  • Working as a freelance interior designer you will implement the full cycle of project creation.
  • Alternatively, you can hire assistants or organize your own design bureau.
  • Salary: in this case, the designer’s income can be very large.

1) The designer receives payment from the client, which depends on the number of square meters in the project.
For example, for a design of an apartment of 100 sq. m. in Europe for the project you can get from 1000 to 5000 euros.

2) The designer gets % of the purchases of the client in the construction/hardware stores.

3) The interior designer gets % from the construction team that completes the order for the client.

Thus, it is possible to earn quite large sums of money.

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