Retro Clothing And Accessories Shopping Tips You Need To Know

Did you believe that the retro era of the 80’s and 90’s was all about loud flashy garments, exaggerated makeup and larger-than-life icons? Reality check – It’s an era that was considerably modern for its times, an era that took ‘fashion’ out of elite clubs, and put it out on the street, and that’s what retro is – it is a lifestyle choice, for many an extension of their inner selves and personality.

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The retro look is now back in business more than ever! With many designers and famous fashion labels adopting the many shades and patterns of the vintage era and incorporating them into the contemporary, the world is witnessing not just a revival but a reinvention of the retro period. If you would like to know more about the wide variety of vintage clothes and accessories that you can choose from, a great place to check out is, the only retro fashion destination you will need!

Cool And Casual Retro Chic Outfits

Bring out your latent spunk by sporting a pair of super cool denim faded jeans or shorts that look both chic and casual. Fashion icons such as Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe shocked the world with their outrageous style statements. Also many Hollywood beauties sported outfits such as leather pants, denim shirts, lose jumpers or maybe a pair of faded overalls. Add a lot of denim. These outfits are perfect for daily wear and give you the tomboyish look that is cute and irresistible!

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Perfect the retro look with these amazing outfit ideas 

Be the centre of attention at a masquerade ball or a sophisticated party with the beautiful vintage dresses that ooze elegance and class. Grab all eyeballs with a tight body fitting corset gown like Kate Winslet did in Titanic. Available in many cuts and colours of blue, pink, reds and whites these vintage dresses would make you look no less than a princess. Also vintage dresses aren’t only for formal events you can wear a long flowy casual piece for a date that gives you a gypsy look. Or maybe sport a pair of denims with a casual shirt and tie like the popstar Avril Lavigne?!

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Add Layers With Scarves And Jackets

The best thing about retro fashion is that there is a lot of scope for experimentation. Everyone wants to be different! If you’re a fashion enthusiast you’d love the super cool leather jackets and light breezy scarves that were a rage back then. The vintage fashion comprised mainly of denim and leather outfits. Add a denim jacket to a short summer dress for the demure but bold look. Also scarves and stoles were also quite popular back in the 80’s along with the long trench coat and gumboots, another classic from the retro era that you can go for.

Play with the quirky, fun and vibrant patterns

We remember the retro era for it’s over the top outfits, loud bold patterns and colours. The modern fashion though is comparatively bland. But that doesn’t mean you cannot spark up your style with the retro magic! Add a dash of colour to your outfit, be it a vibrant scarf or an outrageously printed jacket. The golden rule is to keep it low. Don’t overdo it, i.e. balance your overall look by keeping the other factors such as makeup to a bare minimum thus highlighting the piece of clothing you want to focus on.

Mix And Match The Various Fabrics And Textures

Fashion is all about being comfortable in your own skin. Check out the wide variety of fabrics and textures of clothing that were all the rage in the retro era. From the expensive silk and fur to the tough leather and denim material…the choice is endless! Mix and match patters and fabrics to create your own style. Like you can team up a silk scarf with a pair of jeans and white shirt, a classic retro look. Experiment, don’t be too text bookish, have some fun as well!

It’s all about the bling! 

The retro period was all about exploring yourself, and according to the growth of the punk ideology of the times, the more unconventional you were the better! For instance, wear a pair of tassel earrings with a simple dress or faded blue jeans and sweatshirt. Retro was all bling! Gone are the days of elegant emerald brooches and ivory neckpieces, the retro era is all about adventurous gold chains, vibrant junk jewellery, and metallic jewellery pieces.

Experiment with the Many Hairdos

Tired of the same pin straight hair and sleek pony tails? Well the vintage era holds a lot of possibilities, from curly waves and straight cut bobs to sophisticated buns, there’s something for everyone! Just be bold enough to carry the look with the right attitude and you’re set! While you’re at it you can also check out the many hair accessories. Cool and vibrant bandanas, classy head gears and hats, or elegant jewel studded hair clips…go get it all!

The Perfect Makeup And Other Accessories

Now that you have a fair idea about the retro fashion, let us move on to another indispensable factor without which your look is incomplete, yes the makeup! Bold red lipsticks, heavy makeup and dark mascara were considered trendy. The 90’s was a period that witnessed the growth of feminism and women empowerment, perhaps this was why women back then adopted bold and fearless fashion styles. Also add quirky sunglasses and vintage footwear that ranges from sports shoes to pumps and elegant heels to complete the look.

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