Secret designer method – how to create unusual and fashionable clothes

The author of the rubric is the designer and our teacher Yulia Kulakova

Lots of people wonder how Prada or Gucci from season to season create something new. It would seem that today all types of skirts or trousers are invented, and, however, on runways we constantly see something new and unusual.

Today we will tell you about one secret designer method, using which you will be able to create stylish and unusual clothes.

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So, today I want to tell about one designer method, using which you will be able to product absolutely new ideas for collections, new styles or just interesting way of performing the things.

This method is called — combination of contrasts or incongruous things.

1. Style combination:
— Sport style and national cuts (for example, some sport jacket with an ethnic Indian embroidery)
— Classics and a down-padded coat (for example, a men’s jacket, but sewed as a down-padded coat — with feather filling).
For experiments there is huge field here.

Example: a trouser suit, but that looks as a pajamas, with children’s drawings

2. Other example – to use the “wrong” fabrics

— To make a classical women suit from a footer (fabric that is usually used for sport things)
— To make a trench from thin chiffon

Example: the bag is sewed from material that is usually used for clothes

3.To use the elements of the certain types of clothes in different silhouettes

Transfer pajama elements (edgings, a lapel, pockets) to a blouse or a jacket.

Example: a down-padded coat in the form of a jacket

4. To add elements from the other objects to the clothes

For example, to use a stitch as in a sofa for an evening dress. To make luxury leather bags in the form of paper packages of fast food restaurants.

This method can easily be used for stylization of collection shootings and for fashion shows preparation.
For example, you make the look book of the collection with models in T-shirts with hairstyles a la Marie Antoinette.

This is helpful if you need to perform a fashion show in the office clothes (that is quite boring), but you want to make it interesting.
Make a make-up and a hairstyle of the models in the punk style, believe me, the attention is guaranteed.

But always remember about the target audience of the brand. If it is for the aged women, this won’t be appropriate.