Style tips: what colors make you look slimmer?

Quarantine and winter are difficult times for our bodies. Almost everyone is gaining excess weight.

They say that black color makes you slimmer and white color makes the opposite.

Is it true? What other colors help your body to look slimmer and what colors only add you some extra weight?

We would like to give you some style tips on this topic from Italian stylists.

For sure many of you already know the rule that dark colors make an object look smaller, and bright colors make it wider. This rule works in painting as well. And also you need to know this rule when you choosing the outfit.

The style tip is next:

If there is some problem body area (e.g. big hips or belly) the easiest way to hide the problem is to choose dark clothes for this body area.

And vice versa, if you want to make some body area look bigger then you need to use bright and vivid colored clothes which make the body look wider.

How does this style tip work?

Let’s imagine that you are a woman with full hips and you want to make them look slimmer. You should follow this style tip:

use dark colors for the bottom clothes and bright colors for the upper clothes (black trousers and white top).

style tips witch colors make you slimmer5

black pants white blouse


  • If you have wide shoulders and narrow hips, you need to use dark colors for top clothes and more bright and vivid colors for bottom clothes (for example, black top and white trousers).

style tips witch colors make you slimmer4


  • If your body type is more rectangular (shoulders, waist and hips have the same width), you need to make an accent on your waist. For that you shouldn’t use black color, which makes the body look flat. It is better to use vivid and bright colors.

style tips witch colors make you slimmer3

  • If belly is the only problem area of your body, make an accent on your legs by wearing colored tights or shoes.

style tips witch colors make you slimmer2


  • If you want to make an accent at your slim waist you can wear dark colored belt (black, dark blue, brown) with bright clothes.

The last style tip: there are colors that visually make body bigger and you need always remember about them:

They are white, yellow, orange, vivid red, purple, pink, all shining colors.

style tips witch colors make you slimmer