What are the fashion lookbook and campaign, and what is the role of a fashion stylist

One of the most interesting professions in the fashion world is the job of a fashion stylist. Fashion stylist comes up with images for models who are filming in magazines, in advertising or design companies. In the design company fashion-stylist helps to make catalogs and lookbooks.
Today we will tell you about what a fashion catalog is, how it differs from a lookbook and how a fashion stylist makes a photo shoot.

To get started, let’s decide what is the difference between the concepts of campaign, lookbook and catalog.

  • Campaign (or Advertising campaign) – shooting of advertising campaign of a collection.
  • Lookbook (“book of images”) – image shooting of ready-made looks of the collection.
  • Catalogue – shooting of all collection units in one style for sale online.


Campaign is an advertising shoot, the result of which will be used to create promotional materials. It is print advertising in the press, banners for online advertising, outdoor advertising on billboards, etc. The purpose of the campaign is to convey the main idea (message) and the mood of the collection.

For advertising one collection, 3-5 stories are enough, you don’t need to try to put half of the collection in the campaign, there’s a lookbook for this. A video campaign is often created to increase promotional pressure. It is a video shoot in exactly the same style and with the same message as the photo campaign. But it is used as video advertising on TV, YouTube, in social networks and on the screens of shopping centers.


The second part of the new collections promo is a catalog or “a set of main images” of the collection. The catalog should include TOP positions that are sales drivers – either very trendy, or the most interesting to the brand from the point of income. The purpose of the catalog is to present key models of the collection the best way and show the atmosphere and idea of ​​the collection.


A lookbook is that shoot that helps the buyer to make the final decision in making a purchase in the online store. The purpose of a lookbook is to provide maximum visual information about a particular product. The characteristic features of a lookbook are the following:

  • A simple background
  • Photos are made in at least 2-3 angles (front, back, 3/4) + sometimes photos of product details.
  • The number of images for the catalog is equal to the number of collection units.
  • The most important thing in the catalog shooting is clothes. They should look attractive and understandable to the buyer.

What does a fashion stylist do when filming catalogs, lookbooks and campaigns?

The fashion stylist is responsible for the style of everything that will be in the shoot: location, images of models, colors, equipment and accessories. Sometimes we call this person “an artistic director”. He/she works closely with the photographer, knows or agrees with the photographer on the possibility of realization of some ideas.
The photographer has a taste, a vision of the desired result, but the stylist is his additional knowledge of fashion and eyes on the set.

It is very important to get a consumer to fall in love with the image, and not just with a piece of clothes. And the stylist is responsible for every detail in the images of models, he/she interacts with everyone, sets the task to decorators, makeup artists and hairdressers. The stylist successfully combines things and creates a harmony in the outfits. And during the shooting, this person also watches how clothes and accessories are fitting.

Shoots can be different. For example, in order to stylize a design collection for a lookbook, you need to know what kind of clothes are in the collection. Let’s say this is a lookbook of coats, as the designer does not sew other clothes. So, the stylist needs to collect details in addition to the coats. He/she goes to showrooms and clothing shops. A showroom is a large space used to display collections of one or another brand. The clothes are not necessarily sold, but most importantly, they are shown to stylists, potential buyers, and journalists. Some samples from the showrooms can be rented for free for the shooting.