Where interior designer works

Interior designers are skilled professionals who create interiors. They design interiors for homes, offices, restaurants, schools and colleges, shops and public spaces such as libraries.

There are many different directions in the field of interior design. Many beginning designers may not even be aware of this.

Today we will tell you about the most popular trends in the field of interior design.

  • Living space design

This is the most common area of interior design. Designers in this field are skilled in all aspects of home design.

The task of the interior designer of a living space is to create or improve the existing space of the house, based on the needs of the client, his style and preferences.

  • Kitchen design

Another specialisation that is becoming more and more popular today. Designers help clients in creating the perfect kitchen for them; they think over everything: from flooring and cabinets to appliances and room painting.

  • Bathroom design

Another increasingly popular specialisation. Designers help clients create a functional and comfortable bathroom. 

  • Feng Shui interior design

It’s a Chinese philosophical system focused on environmental harmonisation. Here, special attention is paid to the arrangement of furniture, the use of colors and light. Although this practice is quite ancient, today it is very popular all over the world.

  • Design of commercial space

It’s popular with large corporations and some small businesses looking to maximise their space.

In this case, designers study the specifics of this direction and stop at one or two, with which they then work. For example, they can choose the field of healthcare and create designs for buildings of hospitals, clinics, etc., or they prefer the field of hospitality, where designers work on the creation of projects for floor and wall coverings, furniture, color solutions for hotels, hostels, etc.

  • Restaurant design

Here, designers should focus on creating a welcoming environment and pay particular attention to such design elements as lighting, interior colors and furnishings, and more. They also need to clearly think over the layouts of appliances and furniture in the kitchen so that everything complies with safety and sanitation standards.

  • Corporate design

It is similar to a commercial design. The goal is to create attractive and functional spaces in retail or office buildings. For example, here a designer might be hired to transform an office with long rows of desks and chairs into cozy open spaces for employees.

  • Conservation and restoration

Designers of this direction often travel around the world, as they are engaged in the restoration of old buildings. They must have a thorough knowledge of history and design.

  • Color specialist

In this case, the designer must have a good understanding of how colors interact with each other, their psychology.

Typically, designers in this field work with residential and commercial space to create the perfect color combinations for different types of rooms.

  • Eco-friendly design

If your passion is creating sustainable environments, this specialisation might be just for you. Designers in the field create amazing eco-friendly designs using sustainable materials. For example, they might suggest planting a large tree at the entrance to the house, or use only recycled materials to make the kitchen.

  • Environment design

Designers in this area develop projects adapted for people with disabilities.

  • Design of lighting

Lighting significantly affects how we feel the space.

Lighting designers focus on lighting fixtures that are the part of every aspect of our lives. They can also work in theatres, galleries and other places where lighting plays an important role.

There are also many other less popular interior design trends, such as:

  • Airplane interior design
  • Interior design of mobile homes and yachts
  • Exhibition design
  • Design for photo shootings

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