10 reasons why you should become a Fashion Stylist

Do you know that fashion stylist is one of the most in-demand professions at the moment? And it’s perfectly understandable why.
There are so many pluses here – you can fully create and work in fashion.
You create outfits that will be admired and imitated.
Today we want to tell you about a fairly new profession in the fashion world, in which we would recommend you to try yourself – this is a fashion stylist.
A fashion stylist is the highest step in the career of any personal stylist. 
And it is fashion stylists who have the opportunity to become famous.
Here are 10 reasons why you should definitely try yourself as a fashion stylist if you love the fashion world.

1. A lot of creativity

You can create and invent whatever your heart desires. A fashion stylist creates looks for photo shoots and shows, breaking all kinds of rules and coming up with completely new combinations.
Here, no one will ever tell you that you are doing something wrong. After all, you may be creating a new fashion trend now!

2. A very interesting and fun job

You have no idea how interesting the shooting process can be for magazines or designers. You work on a set with a team of creative people – photographer, makeup artist, model, hairdresser.
Clothes, music, communication, tasty food, city lights – this is how a fashion stylist’s shooting day goes.

3. No boredom and office work

If you hate sitting 8 hours a day at your workplace every weekday, this is the perfect profession for you. After all, most of your time will be spent on the set.

4. Constant access to various fashion events behind the scenes

When dressing models for magazines, celebrities and musicians, you have to accompany them everywhere, so you can easily get access to various TV shows, concerts and other cool events.
When you shoot for designers and clothing stores, you always get a lot of good acquaintances and invitations to fashion shows, presentations and parties.

5. Cooperation with beautiful, talented, famous people

Who needs fashion stylists? Typically celebrities, musicians and models. And this is a great opportunity for self-development and inspiration in this field.

6. Creating your portfolio

If you want to work in the world of fashion and style, you definitely need a portfolio.
Moreover, if you think that for a portfolio it is enough to dress up your friend and take a picture of her on your phone, you are deeply mistaken.
Clients want image consultations only by those people who have beautiful professional photos.
You can use these works from the shooting to promote yourself on the Internet and social networks.

7. Access to cool and fashionable clothes

If ordinary stylists and wardrobe shoppers create images virtually in online collages or from a limited wardrobe of clients, then a fashion stylist has the opportunity to create and come up with sets of the most fashionable and designer things.
You will have access to all this beauty on a permanent basis – isn’t it a dream?

8. You’re your own boss

If you don’t like having a boss, you may work exclusively for yourself.
Of course, there are clients who act like a real boss, but that’s a completely different story.

9. No routine

Forget about Groundhog Day, every day you will have something new and interesting.

Today you are working on a music video, tomorrow you dress models for shooting in a fashion magazine, the next day an aspiring designer called you to select things for the show. And every day you get new impressions!

10. The opportunity to become famous

When your name flashes on the city’s magazines, when you make shootings for billboards, when you create a catalog for a designer brand that all your friends dress up in, you become very popular.
And it means that clients who want image consultations and a wardrobe transformation are beginning to line up for you. The magazines order your shoots and pay good amounts of money.