4 ways to become a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant

  • Are you good at matching accessories to your outfits?
  • Do you follow fashion trends?
  • Are you always up to date with news in the fashion world?
  • Do you think you could choose outfits for other people?

If you answered yes to all of the questions, you may be interested in becoming a personal stylist.
There are many different ways to start a stylist career. Not everyone has the time and opportunity to go somewhere to study.

We will tell you about 4 ways how you can become an image consultant without leaving your home.

1 way – Sign up on Instagram

If you can choose social network about fashion, this network will certainly be Instagram.
Today, all famous fashion bloggers, clothing brands, models and designers have their own Instagram accounts.

All you need to develop your taste and keep up with trends is to subscribe to Instagram profiles of fashion brands and bloggers and look through the feed every day.
You don’t need to post anything on Instagram, just watch it.

Imagine that Instagram is a kind of morning exercise for your taste.

2 way – Start experimenting with your wardrobe

A stylist is a person who not only knows how to create beautiful looks in clothing stores. This is a person who can make completely new combinations from an ordinary wardrobe.

Try to take a fresh look at your wardrobe.

Choose any look on the Internet (e.g. a set of clothes from fashion shows, a set of a fashion blogger) and try to repeat it from those things that are in your wardrobe. It may not be an exact copy, but it will help you to look at your things with a new look.

3 way – Try to create outfits online

While studying at our fashion school, beginner stylists practice in creating outfits in special online programs. Try it yourself.
Go to urstyle.com, for example, and practice creating outfits for different occasions.
Trust us, it will be very interesting!

Photo source: https://urstyle.fashion/styles/2721359

4 way – Start studying to be an image stylist online

If you want to get serious and complete training as a stylist, just reading articles on the Internet will not be enough. After all, it is not known who wrote them and how relevant the advice is.
We recommend you to study at an online fashion school with good teachers.
You will kill two birds with one stone: you immediately receive a complete set of knowledge and skills in style and a certificate that will help you later in your work.

We invite you to study as a personal stylist and image consultant in Italy, without leaving your home.
You can start studying any day at a convenient time.

  • You will be taught by Italian stylists from Milan.
  • As a result, you will receive a European certificate, with which you can work as a stylist around the world.
  • As part of the training, there is  an internship with real clients.

More details can be found here.