5 schools where to study fashion, design and style in Italy

Istituto Marangoni — Milan (full-time education)

Istituto Marangoni has three divisions, the main is based in Milan, two others — in London and Paris. The school accomodates are 2000 students at courses in fashion design, fashion business, fashion shopping, management and promotion of brands.

Depending on the chosen program, the nationality and the language you choose to study the cost of the program can be from 16 to 21 thousands euro. The school is proud of such graduates as Domenico Dolce and Franco Moschino, this is a huge international community of adherents.

IED Istituto Europeo di Design — Milan, Turin, Florence (full-time education)

For the last 50 years IED has brought up several generations of professionals in the area of design, fashion, fine arts, management. It is the international network of the training centers in Italy, Spain, Brazil, China. Three-year training on the bachelor, in a magistracy, an evening, summer, year school in the Italian and English languages is offered. It is a lot of practical training.

Depending on the chosen program, nationality and language of training cost can be from 15 000 to 22 000 euros.

Polimoda International Institute: Fashion-design and marketing — Florence (full-time education)

Polimoda offers a wide range of the training programs and master-classes, providing training of high level in the main profiles – from creative professions to administrative and strategic in the field of fashion design, fashion business, communications, multimedia and many others. In Italy it is considered one of the most respectable educational institutions in the sphere of design and marketing.

The average cost of training – 15 000 euros.

NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti / Milan (full-time education)

This Academy of art and design is located in the center of Milan. NABA — the largest private academy of arts in Italy, it has been founded in 1980. There are programs after completion of which it is possible to receive degree of the bachelor or the master in English and Italian languages, there is an accreditation by the Ministry of Education of Italy. The main programs of training — design: graphic, fashion, media, industrial.
Training here is one of the most fundamental in the sphere of design.

The average training cost is 15 000 — 16 000 euros in a year (programs generally take 3 years).

Other peqularities of training in fashion in Italy:
– in all institutes there is an additional entrance fee — 100-200 euros
– rent of the apartment in Italy — 550-1100 euros per month
– food + trivial expenses in Italy — 500-1000 euros per month for 1 person
As you see, training in fashion in Italy is not very available because of the expensive cost. For this reason we want to tell you about training in our Italian E-Learning Fashion School.

Italian E-Learning Fashion School — Milan (online education)

The school has appeared as an available alternative to training in fashion, style and design in Italy with the Italian teachers, without leaving the house at the available price.

The educational program includes courses on personal and fashion styling, design of clothes and image consultation. Teachers of school work in the different fashion companies in Milan and also teach at the institutes stated above (Marangoni, NABA, IED).

– The training is individual, you may study in convenient time through the Internet.
– Training cost — 200-700 euros for a course. Plus works the constant system of discounts.
– You study according to the same programs that are given in Marangoni or IED, but the price is 5 times cheaper.