Free course Secrets Of The Fashion World

Become a fashion expert on a free course "In Fashion"
Get the most modern knowledge on how the fashion world works, what fashion trends are and who works in the fashion industry.

Professional Image Consultant courses online

If you’re seriously determined to work in fashion and style industry, you want to make great stylist career and ready to invest your time and money in the development of your skills, you choose the right course.

We offer you the advanced course in fashion and style “Professional Image Consultant courses online” with professional Italian teachers from Milan

Language: English. English Subtitles

Wardrobe Stylist & Personal Shopper courses online

If you are interested to try yourself in style and fashion, to develop your own fashion sense and quickly start your fashion career we invite you on Wardrobe Stylist and a Personal Shopper courses online.

The course is intended for people with no any previous education in Fashion and Style or those with no any work experience in the Fashion sphere.
Language: English.

Fashion Design courses online for beginners

- Have you ever had that feeling - you see clothes in shops, but there's absolutely nothing special?
- And in the head you have a lot of interesting ideas what things you could create?
Then you surely should try yourself as a fashion designer.
We invite you to study as the fashion designer and to learn creating collections.
You will be able to become the fashion designer even if you have no experience in it and you aren't able to sew or draw.
The course is helpful for those who sew and already make clothes, and for those who just start.

Fashion Designer courses online: Pro

- Do you want to work as a fashion designer?
- Do you sew things individually, but you want something more?
- You have already studied design, but so still couldn't get job as a fashion designer and haven't created the fashion brand?
Then study on the course "Fashion Designer PRO" with the help of skilled professional designers from Italy and Russia. Learn how to create fashion collections which will be successfully on sale.
Get a job in the world of fashion as the fashion designer. Create the collection and start your fashion brand.

Fashion Stylist courses online

Almost all important fashion-editors, art-directors and style icons like Anna Wintour, Alexa Chung have started their career as fashion-stylists.

If you want to be part of the serious and professional fashion world where Prada, Gucci and Armani work, you should try your hand as fashion-stylist and study our course.

Take our Fashion Stylist courses online and you will be able to work in fashion-magazines, participate in Fashion weeks, travel in fashion capitals, make shooting for designer companies and bring to life all your creative ideas.

Course – Certified Fashion Blogger

Get an interesting and creative profession of a fashion-blogger. Study how to become popular fashion blogger and earn up to 3000 euro per month. Become a Certified Fashion Blogger Course is in English

Course – Fashion Journalist

Do you dream about working in glossy magazines, on TV and fashion mass media?
Get the profession of a fashion journalist in Italian E-Learning Fashion School

Fashion trend report for 2018/2019: fall-winter

Get the most actual information on what is fashionable and stylish in each season in women and men clothes.
Use your knowledge about trends for update your style, for your blog, fashion-shop, image consultations or photoshoots