6 Skirt Trends You Must Have in Summer 2021: Italian stylists recommend you

Every day the temperature is gradually increasing, the days are getting brighter, which means you can put your pants back in your closet until next fall and start wearing something lighter and brighter.

Skirts are the perfect outfit for spring and summer. You can look feminine and create trendy combinations.

We asked the Italian stylists of our school to talk about which skirts will be the most trendy and fashionable this season, as well as who should and who should not wear them.

1. Denim skirt

This season, denim skirts in the style of the 90s are trendy than ever. One of the hottest trends is to pair a denim skirt with a denim shirt.

Denim skirts are good because they fit perfectly almost all body types.

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2. Mini skirt

If you ask us what is the best looking skirt length this summer, the answer is mini.

Mini skirts should be combined with voluminous and wide tops. So there will be no effect of a vulgar look. Mini skirts are best paired with flat shoes or sneakers.

Such skirts should not be chosen by those who have full hips or large legs.

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3. Knitted skirt

Another striking trend is knitted skirts. They should be worn by those who do not have problems with the hips, because the knitted skirt draws attention to them very much. If you have a non-standard figure, where the hips are wider than the top, it is better to choose a-line skirts.

If you have an hourglass figure, this skirt will be the best option.

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4. Tiered skirt

Rustic style smoothly penetrated into the world of fashion. You can style a skirt like this with a white shirt tied in a knot.

A maxi or midi skirt with ruffles looks best. It is very stylish to combine such a romantic skirt with rough boots or large sneakers.

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5. Cut-out skirt

You may have thought of average leg cut on the skirt, but you’re wrong.

Skirts with cut-outs at the top – on the waistline or on the hips – are a huge trend this season. The most bold fashionistas even wear special thong panties that pop out at the top of the skirt.

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6. Wrap-up skirt

The wrap skirt is perhaps the easiest option to style. It will perfectly match everything from a white shirt to a printed T-shirt, so feel free to pair it with your favorite items.

Remember that if you have a full belly or thighs, the wrap knot will add volume to your figure, so you shouldn’t choose this skirt.

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