7 ideas on how to wear white t-shirt and look fashionable

A basic white T-shirt is in every wardrobe. And to some people it may seem very boring.

We asked the Italian teachers of our fashion school to show 7 ways how to wear a regular T-shirt and look fashionable.

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1. T-shirt with high-waisted classic trousers

One simple way to wear a t-shirt in an unusual way is to combine it with classic high-waisted pants.
This creates an interesting combination of volumes.

2. T-shirt with a classic trouser suit

This option is interesting for the contrast between classic and sporty styles.
If you find a T-shirt with logos of sports brands, the look will be even more unusual.

3. T-shirt under a dress combination

The easiest way to wear summer dresses with straps in a cooler weather is to wear a T-shirt under them.

4. T-shirt not fully tucked into a pencil skirt

A very simple way – you tuck only the front of the T-shirt or one side edge into the classic pencil skirt, and leave the rest untucked.

5. T-shirt with tulle evening skirt

Contrasts are in fashion today. If you are going to a party or even a wedding event, a combination of a tulle ballgown skirt and a simple basic t-shirt will help you look very trendy.

6. T-shirt with a knot on the waist

The easiest way to update a T-shirt is to tie it with a knot in the front.

7. T-shirt not tucked into a skirt

Over-size looks continue to be trendy today.
Try the option when you do not tuck in a wide and elongated T-shirt and wear it over a skirt (preferably midi or maxi lengths).