Duration – 6 months

Online format

24/7 access


Foundation program “Certified Image Consultant”

Do you have fashion sense?

Do other people often say to you:
“You dress so beautiful … can you help me choose clothes too?”

If yes, you should try yourself as an Image-consultant and Personal stylist.

An image consultant helps people to look and feel their best. You change style, analyse wardrobe, make personal shopping, create outfits for important events for celebrities.

Sign up for online course “Certified Image consultant” and only in a half-year you will become a personal stylist and start to earn a lot of money.

Why to choose this course

1 course=3 professions

After this course you will get 3 professions: Image Stylist, Celebrity Stylist and Personal Shopper


50% time – Practise

During course you will make wardrobe analyses, image consultations, personal shopping sessions for real clients

Membership in the International Association

After course you can become a member of the International Association of Image Consultants and Personal Shoppers

Course is divided into 2 parts:
Part 1 – Theory
You watch video tutorials on modules and learn additional materials.

Part 2 – Practice
You do practical tasks, send them for assignment to teachers of fashion school and receive feedbacks with detailed analyses of works

It’s around 30 hours of video lessons with the English subtitles and 50 hours of practise.

  • analysis of the body types in fashion
  • how to create stylish looks for different body types
  • how to create wardrobe for “clessidra” body
  • how to create wardrobe for pear body
  • how to create wardrobe for apple body
  • how to create wardrobe for square body
  • how to create wardrobe for round body
  • combination of geometry in a female shape
  • how to choose a swimsuit for different shapes
  • how to choose clothes for different body types: practical advice

  • theory of colours. colour circle of the items
  • how to combine colours in an outfit
  • cold and warm colours in an outfit
  • jeans color: how to use it in an outfit
  • how to match prints. mix&match
  • how to use stripes in outfit
  • photo type of a person
  • how to choose the right colour of clothes for a person
  • how to choose the colours of accessories
  • how to mix colours: practice

  • which fashion styles exist and how to create them
  • Style identity. What is it?
  • outfit for the day and outfit for the evening: differences
  • how to create an outfit for an evening event
  • outfit for the evening: how to choose accessories
  • conceptual style
  • romantic style
  • aggressive and sexy style
  • glamour style
  • classical style
  • rock style
  • sport and street style
  • dress codes for different events: black tie, white tie, casual, formal, non-formal
  • how to choose the best fabrics for the clothes
  • composition of an outfit: how to create and combine layers
  • how clothes should fit: dresses, skirts, pants
  • how to match shirt, top, jacket and blazer
  • how clothes should fit: sleeves, trousers, jackets etc.
  • how to choose the right combination of colors for the upper and the bottom part of the outfit
  • how to choose a waistline of clothing
  • how to choose a neckline of clothes. which necklaces to use in an outfit
  • make up and style: how to create a full image of a person

  • haute couture and luxury in fashion
  • premium brands in fashion
  • mass market brands and fast fashion
  • first & second lines of a fashion brand
  • licensing for apparel fashion and fashion industry
  • how to create a fashion collection
  • production process of a fashion collection
  • fashion groups: how fashion works
  • most prominent fashion designers
  • fashion shows and fashion week
  • how to visit a fashion week
  • history of fashion in 20th century. how it all began
  • history of fashion. 1900-1930
  • history of fashion. 1940-50s
  • history of fashion. 1960-70s
  • history of fashion. 1980s
  • history of fashion. 1990s till date
  • history of fashion: modern styles: boho-chic, preppy, bon ton styles

  • how to create a new wardrobe for a person
  • what is a basic wardrobe
  • which steps to take to create a perfect wardrobe
  • examples of what to include in/exclude from your basic wardrobe
  • how to include trendy pieces in your wardrobe
  • wardrobe analysis: theory and practice
  • must-have in a wardrobe of a person
  • how to select the right shoes for your clothing
  • how to choose a bag
  • how to choose glasses
  • how to choose belts
  • how to choose hats
  • step-by-step guide to tying a belt: fresh stylish&fashion ideas
  • 24 new stylish ways to tie a scarf around the neck

  • Stylist Career: how to become a personal stylist for a celebrity
  • How the stylist should work with celebrity
  • How to get clothes from the fashion designers for different occasions
  • How to create a full look for a VIP person for an occasion: clothing and accessories

  • who is a personal stylist
  • services of the stylist: what should be for free
  • personal shopping service
  • secrets of personal shopping for a client
  • secrets of personal shopping for clients
  • how to organize the shopping for a client
  • how to promote your style service to a new client

At the end of your style course you should complete the final project on changing the image and style of a real person, which will be evaluated by the Italian teachers.

To become a professional Image Consultant you need a lot of practise.
That’s why 50% of time on this course you will make workshops and practical projects connected with image and style.

Practical projects during course

You will:

  • Create color palettes for people
  • Make image consultations on the body type
  • Make wardrobe analysis
  • Organize Personal shopping for a client
  • Develop style for a Celebrity
  • Create style for a person

One-to-one feedback

After starting the course you will have your own personal mentor who will follow all your process of study and give you feedback to help you improve. You send your home projects by e-mail and receive detailed comments.
All our mentors are professional image-consultants and stylists.

Association of image-stylists of Italian Fashion School (ASS)

Immediately after completing the course, you will be able to join the association of stylists. We will advertise you and help you find clients for image consulting and style projects all over the world.

Antonella Petrecca

ielfs teacher Antonella Petrecca
  • Fashion designer, stylist
  • Worked as a designer of the brands GFF Gianfranco Ferrè, Galliano and Extè:
  • Fashion designer for CATBALOU KIDS.
  • Designer of kids wear, women’s and men’s clothes.
  • Since 2015 worked in Rome as the lux segment accessories designer from leather.
  • Works as a freelance consulting designer for companies connected with fashion, advertising and presentation.

Riccardo Carrapa

teacher image
  • Image Consultant, Personal Stylist
  • Teacher in Fashion design, Personal shopper, Stylist courses in fashion academies in Milan
  • Designer of his own luxury pret a porter women collection RICCARDO CARRAPA COUTURE
  • Art Manager at fur showrooms
  • Fashion Consultant at fashion-boutiques and stores
  • Coordinator, Stylist-organizer of many fashion-shows for various brands in Milan

Silvia Stefanini

ielfs teacher silvia stefanini
  • Fashion stylist and editor in adv, editorials, videos for many brands like LA PERLA, SILVIO FIORELLO, SAMSUNG, NIKON, NINA RICCI
  • Fashion Stylist for fashion magazine L’officiel, Elle, Vogue, Gq Italia, Design Scene, Oob, etc.
  • Personal and celebrities’ stylist for private clients, singers, musical videos and in CANNES film festival
  • Fashion Stylist and coordinator of Fashion shows during Fashion week

Alessandra Buscemi

teacher image
  • Communication manager at Kering Group (brands Brioni, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Puma, Saint Laurent etc.)
  • Fashion shows producer for Milan fashion weeks
  • 9 years experience in the fashion and luxury industries between Paris, Milan and Hong Kong
  • Marketing and brand management consultant for luxury brands
  • Teacher – focus on fashion styling, creativity, merchandising and brand development
  • Collaboration like a teacher and consultant with Marangoni institute and Bocconi institute

Carlotta Stevanin

teacher image
  • Product development specialist for VIP and Celebrities at “Gucci”
  • Celebrity Product Development Manager assistant at “Gucci”
  • Celebrity Personal Stylist

How to study on this course

1. Apply for the course
2. Get an access to
our distant e-learning portal
3. Watch video lessons
4. Perform practical tasks
and get feedback from
a teacher
5. Perform tests and final progect
6.Get certificate


Anytime – Image consultant course is online, so you decide when class is in session. Start when you’re ready and study in your free time. On average, the education process on this course takes up about 3 to 6 months

Anywhere – log on and work on your course from any internet-connected device – computers, tablets, and smartphones, it doesn’t matter where are you.

At Your Own Pace – with no deadlines or due dates, you are in control of how quickly you progress through your course. You will have a life-time access to all materials of the course.


All the lessons and practical tests are in English.


No previous experience and education in fashion is required. You can be a beginner or already work in fashion industry.


  1. Choose version of the course in the price area and click “Order now”
  2. Pay the course
  3. After payment, during 1-2 working days, you will receive a password to access the e-learning portal
  4. Watch video lessons, complete practical projects and assignments. Send home-tasks to your personal mentor
  5. Receive feedback about your home tasks from teacher
  6. Get a certificate

European certificate of Professional Image-Stylist

After you finish a course and complete all practical projects and assignments, you will receive a certificate.
You will have in certificate 3 specialities: Image Stylist, Personal Shopper, Celebrity Stylist

feedbacks ielfs

Karine Melik-Askarova, Austria

I liked the program of training very much. The most useful and interesting things for me were the performance of home and practical tasks. I learned really much analysing the mistakes and defects by means of a sensitive and professional advices.

feedbacks ielfs

Yana Fomina, Netherlands

I chose this school for a convenient training format and for European origin and did not regret it. The lectures are made in a format that is truly accessible for study, the teachers are wonderful (professionals in their field), the feedback is bomb, all the materials in the course are aimed at achieving a result — becoming a stylist.

feedbacks ielfs

Olga Kanushina, Russia

Why did I choose the Italian fashion school? Italians know a lot about fashion and style! Their fashion approach for style is always modern. Less taboos and restrictions than at other schools. Always provide up-to-date information for study. Push for a modern look at fashion.

feedbacks ielfs

Ingrid Druzhinina, Russia

The lessons were clear and rather short, however, they contained very much useful, fresh, necessary materials, the teachers are real European professionals!

feedbacks ielfs

Irina Mosova, Switzerland

I was impressed by the professional approach – everything was clear and understandable, without “water” and a huge stream of classical-style knowledge from teachers who have intuitive fashion sense from birth. It was a great time, thanks!

feedbacks ielfs

Yana Kopke, Italy

Excellent education, new and non standard approach, young faces, exiting atmosphere, pleasure to share the knowledge… Well-done, what a brilliant idea!

feedbacks ielfs

Oksana Samoylova, Russia

I chose courses of the Italian E-Learning Fashion School and for me it was the find, it was what I intuitively looked for. The provided material are very capacious, informative, unique.

feedbacks ielfs

Fernanda Leony, Brazil

in this course i loved to see that you can play with colors, even if it’s not your “season”. i really loved it! I would like to thanks everyone for this amazing course.
For sure i became a much better professional in my area.

feedbacks ielfs

Svetlana Makulova, Italy

Living in Italy I dreamed of studying as a stylist, but there were a lot of doubts because of the high price and employment! Much to my happiness, one of the most beautiful days I came across a distance learning ad. I watched several short free videos on the platform and realised that it was mine! I studied on my personal free schedule!

feedbacks ielfs

Viktoria Sherbinina, Kazakhstan

All teachers are really Italians, experienced teachers, very qualified. I began to think in the field of style quite different, the worldview turned upside down. It is very valuable to me.

Cost-effective price

We offer one of the best price on Image Consultant Course
No enrolment payment, no extra costs!

Basic version — 459 EUR (all inclusive)

  • Video lessons
  • Access period to the course – 6 months
  • Partly payment — No

Standard version — 599 EUR (all inclusive)

  • Video lessons
  • Practical tasks during course
  • Evaluation of the home tasks and feedbacks by the teacher
  • Evaluation of the final project on changing the image and style of a real person
  • Electronic certificate
  • Access period to the course – 12 months
  • Partly payment — 3 months, 219 euro per month

Premium version — 699 EUR (all inclusive)

For those who want best results

  • Video lessons
  • Practical tasks during course
  • Evaluation of the home tasks and feedbacks by the teacher
  • Evaluation of the final project on changing the image and style of a real person
  • Original certificate
  • Free mailing of a certificate on your address
  • Life-time unlimited  access to the course
  • Seasonal color and fashion trend palette for men’s and women’s clothing
  • Fashion trend report for 1 year (fashion trends in clothing and accessories for men and women)
  • Partly payment — 3 months, 249 euro per month

Irina Tikhomirova

Irina tells us about her studies:

Thanks a lot! It is very interesting to study in your school! Unique information, interesting presentation, attentiveness, friendliness, quick feedback — it’s so cool, very high standards and quality of studing.

Irina’s practical home tasks
To see more click here

Elena Porkhunova

Elena tells us about her studies:

I thank Italian E-Learning Fashion School for this opportunity. You are the best!!!I thank the school for the knowledge!

Elena’s practical home tasks
To see more click here

Anna Kalutskaia

Anna tells us about her studies:

I like the educational process. The Italian teachers don’t put a framework in creativity. I like the easy and, at the same time, professional approach to studying with experienced international stylists.

Anna’s practical home tasks
To see more click here

Zhanna Strakhova

Zhanna tells us about her studies:

Thanks to all the teachers of the Italian E-Learning Fashion School! You can help to fulfill the dreams! I wish you development and prosperity!

Zhanna’s practical home tasks
To see more click here

Imin Tsidendambaeva

Imin’s practical home tasks
To see more click here

Zoia Panina

Zoia tells us about her studies:

I watched all the videos of the module Creating style and image with great pleasure . For homework, I continue to choose myself, as I believe that first of all you need to deal with your style and wardrobe.

Zoia’s practical home tasks
To see more click here

Elena Gornik

Elena tells us about her studies:

I really liked the methods of teachers. These are smart interlocutors who don’t press authority, but offer directions.
I felt their support and objectivity when I did my home tasks.

Elena’s practical home tasks
To see more click here

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