9 most fashionable jeans of 2024 according to European stylists

Skinny jeans have dominated the market for years. However, over the past half century, there has been more choice of jeans styles, lengths and colors than ever before. Now a pair of jeans can add a different style to any look, jeans are chosen for almost any occasion. But which jeans should you choose to be in trend?

We offer you to look at nine types of jeans that are starting to gain popularity and will keep your outfits in trend all year long.

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1. Puddle Jeans

These are extremely wide and long jeans. Their word “puddle” in their name speaks for itself: but these are not the jeans that you should wear when rain is in the forecast. But the trouser legs that fall to the floor really look like small puddles. On dry days, one can’t deny that these jeans look cool.

2. Ecru jeans

Many people prefer to wear these jeans with a black leather jacket. Due to them, you can create a light and simple contrast in your image. However, cream jeans are not just for spring and summer. You can expect the trend to intensify as 2024 approaches.

3. Cuffed jeans

More and more influencers wear cuffed jeans. You can buy a pair of long jeans and make cuffs by yourself, or you can buy jeans with buttoned cuffs.

4. Silver jeans

Silver trousers have been one of the dominant trends this season, and now we can expect them to become casual outfit due to denim-like fabrics and silhouettes.

5. Flared jeans

These jeans beam French appeal and reflect the 70s aesthetic which has beenin the center of fashion world for several seasons. Flared jeans will be an ideal option for upcoming events in 2024.

6. Indigo jeans

Pale, vintage shades have dominated the denim market for a while, but jeans of navy blue color are becoming accepted. The shades remind of what your father might have chosen. Silhouettes should be loose and casual to create a modern view on denim, otherwise the look risks to be “outdated”.

7. Ripped jeans

No matter if you love or hate them, ripped jeans are everywhere now, and it will be so for during the biggest part of 2024. To make the look extremely fashionable, look for rips on the knees rather than frays.

8. Grey jeans

The latest spring and summer fashion events surprise with the huge number of grey jeans on display. Perhaps this is a signal to immediately invest in such pair for next year.

9. Jeans with seams

Once you spot a trend, you start seeing it everywhere, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to seamed jeans. From twisted panels to adding seams with no specific reason – and the trend is already being loved by many.