A 2-minute exercise to train your creativity and fashion sense

No one is born with good taste and developed creativity, they must constantly practise. It’s like pumping muscles in sports.

Therefore, if you work in fashion, have a job in creativity and art, or you just want to be a creative person, you need to constantly develop your taste.

Today we offer you a quick exercise to master your creativity. It is very simple and will only take you five minutes.

What do you need? Take a piece of paper and a pen or a pencil.

Your task is: you need to draw dots and points on a piece of a paper. Draw them in a such way to display a certain concept on the sheet of paper. For example, you want to display the word “music” or “dance”.

Do not try to draw this object with dots, but just try to convey your feelings.
In this way, you begin to engage your unconscious thinking and develop your creativity.

Pick any of these concepts and try to display it using dots:

  • dance
  • music
  • rain
  • hurricane
  • love
  • hatred

Examples of exercise: