Best fashion color trend 2024: how to wear Brown

Recently, brown has become one of the main colors on the fashion scene. He has already received the title of a “new black” and will definitely not lose his relevance in the next few seasons.

You can make sure of this simply by watching the spring-summer 2024 shows: it’s hard to find a designer who doesn’t use brown in his collections.

In fact, this trend shouldn’t surprise you because together with other neutral shades it perfectly embodies the “old money” style that is so popular right now.

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You should wear brown proudly and with dignity as if you are the most desirable woman and a dream. Why is it going on this way? Because such tones are complicated and deep and that’s why they instantly transform your look from casual to fashionable with the touch of chic and luxury.

Leather clothing

The brown opens up in a wide range when it is represented on different textures, but leather gives it a vintage and oldness look. A jacket with scuffs, bomber or a biker jacket, wide-leg pants or a pencil-skirt combined with flowy semi-transparent fabrics will make you look freely and sexy.

With which colors to combine the brown.

Natural combinations are always the most harmonious. And the combo brown plus green is the best proof for this. But if you are afraid to wear these colors in proportion 1 to 1 yet, just add green in the brown look as a bright accent.


Different coffee drinks – from latte to espresso – became one of the main source of inspiration this season. And the easiest way to integrate this trend into your wardrobe is to combine the tones of brown and beige.


Gentle blue freshens deep brown and will give lightness to your look. You can wear a gentle-blue shirt with a brown suit or just supplement classic blue jeans with a soft brown pullover. Or combine it with denim. Brown belts and bags match classic blue and deep blue denim perfectly.


Looks very boldly and brightly. By the way, in this season red pantyhose and socks look most awesome – let’s wear them until they are in trend.


A bag. You should repeat the main trend starting from accessories. For example, brown bags are very trendy nowadays. And the most trendy material for bags is a brown suede.


Footwear of brown color is enormously popular nowadays. Again the most popular material for the brown footwear is suede. For example Cossack boots or loafers. We strongly recommend them.

One more way to include the brown color in your wardrobe is to add neat items in you look. Let it be vintage glasses of a brown color, suede belt, pointed toe shoes or square toe boots and also a hair band, as if you are back from the 90s. By the way, golden accents freshen the brown color.