Best party dress for each body type

New Year’s holidays are coming, it’s time when every woman wants to shine and look as a queen.
Today the Italian teachers will tell about the right dresses for each figure type. 
It is possible to vary colors and textures, but we recommend to pay attention exactly on the silhouettes which accentuate your best sides and make you gorgeous.

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How to choose your perfect dress for special occassions?

When a task — to choose a dress which accentuates pluses of a figure and make it visually more proportional.

It means to create a perfect symmetry between the parameters of a bust, a waistline, hips and booty.
At the same time correctly chosen dress has to hide the minuses or distract attention from those parts of a body which are not such attractive as you want them to look.

Sounds very difficult? Actually it’s not. Choosing the correct evening dress, it is necessary just to understand well what will better look on this or that figure.

Your type — Pear

If you have a figure type Pear, your shoulders and a bust are less than the hips. At the same time there are wide hips, plump legs, a small breast and narrow shoulders.

If you have such type of a figure, try to choose an evening dress which will draw attention to shoulders and a zone of a decollete.

Ideal dress for you — of A-silhouette with a flared skirt with any length.

Your type — Rectangle

If you have a slim, athletic figure, it is about the Rectangle type. These are thin hips and booty, narrow shoulders, a small breast.

In this case for creation of a feminine silhouette with attractive curves it is necessary to give preference to more courageous variants. For example, peplum dresses with a magnificent frill on a waistline or a dress with an asymmetric cut.

Your ideal dress — a dress with a deep cut in a decollete zone and a flared skirt.

Your type — Hourglasses

The form of Hourglasses — the most proportional and feminine one where the bust and hips are ideally balanced, at the same time a waist is accented very well.

If you belong to happy owners of this type of a figure, you should pay attention to short cocktail dresses which will accentuate a waist and curvy shapes. Also pay attention to the models without shoulder straps, they help to show the balance of the feminine proportions.

Your ideal dress — perfectly fitting one with an open decollete (a square or heart cut), to a knee or below (do not choose a mini-length as the look may seem vulgar).

Your type — Turned triangle

The turned triangle – it is, as a rule, a magnificent bust, wide shoulders, a narrow waist and hips, harmonious legs.

Here we have a task — to add the volume to the lower part and to distract attention from top that will balance an image.

Choosing a cocktail dress we advise to give preference to pleating, an A-silhouette, the flared skirts.

Ideal dress for you — a dress of the A-silhouette of a midi length with an American cut.

Your type — Apple

If the top part of your figure is wider than hips, a full breast is visible, a waist is not strongly accentuated, legs at the same time are rather harmonious, your type — Apple.

To choose an evening dress for this figure type is not so simple therefore we can offer several striking variants.

The ideal dress for your type of a figure – with the accentuated waist, a cut of a decollete and a free skirt of midi or maxi length.

If you have also full legs, then it is worth choosing a maxi length.