Case: student of Italian E-Learning Fashion School Anna Tsareva

Anna Tsareva
Finished the course Visual Fashion merchandiser

Anna Tsareva tells us about her studies:

Subconsciously, I has always desired to connect my life with the fashion world.
In any way: write, speak, participate, create! But I was raised by my grandmother, and she told me that I needed a “profession”: an accountant or a lawyer. But I wanted creativity.
And then I chose a profession that was practically applicable to life, but theoretical at the same time. In the end, I got a marketer’s degree. For 2.5 years of professional activity, I even achieved certain success in this field.

But all this time (studying at the university, work) in my head always popped up the idea that I want to work in fashion, that I am madly attracted to clothes. No, to buy it (by the way, I don’t have much clothes, you may call me a minimalist), but to touch, feel the texture, add accessories, make different combinations of colors and styles in my head.
When I was in a clothing store, I was always shocked by the fact that things were sorted out untidily (“What kind of disrespect for the author?!” – a thought slipped through), and carelessly dressed, or even dirty things lying on the floor under hangers – that all just spoiled the mood. Often I corrected, lifted, hung … At the beginning it was a shame, then I got used to it.

And shop windows are another issue. I remember walking after a university along the main street of the city, where the best and most expensive shops are located. For more than half an hour (even at -30 ° C) I could stand next to each, examining every detail, dreaming on how I would dress it. Hmm … dress? I wonder who does this? … Director of the store? No, it must be sellers’ job. Probably I need a special talent. But I decided to google it. And I firmly mad up my mind to take some courses. There are training courses for merchandisers in the food chain, but fashion merchandisers are apparently not being taught. I felt sad.

And so, when I was already desperate to find something worthwhile, I got to the site of the Italian E-Learning Fashion School. It sounds very dignified and they give a certificate by the end of the course. I got acquainted with the free course “7 fashion and style lessons from Italy” and decided to buy a course of the merchandiser. Having collected the money, I finally got access to the most valuable – to relevant information.Having correctly set priorities and planning my time, in a month I mastered the profession of my dreams. Fortunately, the Italian School has access to the study room 24/7 and you study independently, so you don’t need to spend time on the road or go to Italy! Everything is online, without leaving home. You may ask the teacher any questions and get a competent answer. Now I am in an active search for the job, and I am sure that I will succeed.

After all, now I have the main resource – relevant knowledge. I am confident in myself and in my abilities. I was very pleased with learning, and received incomparable pleasure studying! And most importantly – I understood that one can learn the style and teach others. And that any dreams can come true.
I want to thank Italian E-Learning Fashion School! I am sure that I will come to you again.

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