Case: student of Italian E-Learning Fashion School Natalia Chudnovskaya

Natalia Chudnovskaya
Finished the course “Certified Image Consultant”

Natalia’s feedback on the education:

“I really liked how the information is structured, everything is clear. In the course, I realised how to communicate with a client during consultations, what to do so that I, as a stylist, do not waste time and the client is satisfied.
I figured out the nuances, not only in terms of working directly with the client’s wardrobe and selection of clothes, but also in financial and organisational issues.
How to accompany a person in a dressing room, analyse his wardrobe being hundreds or thousands of miles away, how to create a shopping map, how to formulate the cost of your services, how to create your own webinar or master-class and make good money on it.
I am very grateful for this course and the opportunity to learn from the best professionals in their field.”

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