Case: student of Italian E-Learning Fashion School Satenik Grigoryan

Satenik Grigoryan

Completed the course “Interior Design and Decorating”

Satenik tells us about her studies:

Thank you very much for the course provided. For me, as a beginner in the field of design, it was very important to get a foundation, a basic foundation for further work. I would like to express special gratitude to all teachers for the excellent presentation of the material with clear and accessible visual examples. Summing up, I would like to sincerely thank you for this interesting and useful course and wish you further development and prosperity. Thanks!

What do I like in the learning process on the course?

I am a doctor but I have always dreamed of becoming a designer, because even from the learning process I get tremendous pleasure. I like absolutely everything.”

We present to your attention Satenik’s works for the course:

Satenik’s concept plan of the apartment

Satenik Grigoryan’s practical home tasks on the modules Coloristics and Drawing the layout of the apartment interior by hand