Excellent idea how to decorate walls of an apartment

Wallpaper and painting on the walls is considered a traditional and very standard solution for apartments.

But sometimes we want to add originality to the space and make at least one wall unusual.
What are the options for wall decoration?

Today we will tell you about one excellent idea how to decorate walls of any apartment.

Usually we can use different options for unusual wall decoration in an apartment:

  • photo wallpaper
  • painting one of the walls with a contrasting color (for example, you have 3 beige walls and 1 bright red wall)
  • panels (decorative or wood)
  • unusual plaster with the effect of some kind of texture
  • decorative rock

Our Italian teacher of the course Interior Design and Decorating: PRODaniele D’Aiuto @dani.esdra.design offers a very budgetary way to decorate one of the walls in an unusual way.
This option is often used in Europe in the apartments of creative people – these are black and white photographs.

Photos are glued all over the wall to create the feeling of a single space, this is a great way to decorate the walls in an apartment in a modern way.
Photos may be personal – of those people who live in the apartment. They may be photos of famous people, singers, landscapes, etc.

Most importantly, all photos should be black and white to create a sense of unity and make a modern design of the walls in the apartment.

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