Hot summer 2024 fashion trends

Summer is here! There is a great desire to part with the spring wardrobe and update last year’s stuff.  And, of course, it’s time to buy most fashionable and stylish things that won’t gather dust in the closet to no purpose. We’ve collected the most modish things including latest trends. What a useful guide we have! It will help you choose and buy right things.

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The hottest trends of summer 2024

Linen jacket

Linen jacket is an ideal base for summer. Most of the summer many people are busy with work. This means that you need to get summer clothes which is suitable for office work. Therefore, you can’t do without a jacket. And the best summer jacket is a jacket made of linen with which you can make a lot of looks – from office to evening. It depends on what you will combine it with.

Pajama Shorts 

This summer, we recommend you to be bolder and start adopting men’s wardrobe items. For example, loose boxers shorts that resemble men’s underwear. They are included in top fashion designers’ collections this year.

Which cut of shorts is better to choose? The most perfect option are loose shorts with an elastic band. It is also better to choose natural fabrics.


Flats are probably the most fashionable shoes this summer. Right where another pair of shoes won’t work and may seem too strict with light midi dresses, the soft shape of flats works perfectly.  And most importantly, they are incredibly comfortable. This means that you can safely walk in it all day long.

Straw bag

For a long time the straw bag has been a main accessory among French women, but over past few seasons it’s been embraced by fashionistas all over the world. And that’s because it fits perfectly in any image, adding a zest to it. It looks great with shorts and linen dresses, also naturally fits into urban looks.

straw bag

Silk skirt + T-shirt

A silk skirt are used not only for special occasions, but also in every day life. We recommend combining a silk skirt with the most common thing in everyone’s closet – a T-shirt. A white straight-cut T-shirt is a safe bet. It will look harmoniously with any skirt. You can wear it for exercise and run as well, any options are great.

skirt and t-shirt

Polo T-shirt

This summer, polo shirts are experiencing a real fashion renaissance. Formal and casual at the same time, it is great for any occasion and isn’t difficult in styling at all. A stylish alternative to basic T-shirt.

polo t-shirt

Large earrings

Large earrings are a versatile accessory that can adorn even the most basic look. Instead of complicated jewelry choose laconic earrings made of sleek metal – gold or silver, depending on what you like most.Wow factor is assured.

large earrings


We are sure, you’ve already noticed  how many fashion influencers have been constantly wearing Birkenstock-style shoes for couples of years.And not only sandals, but also clogs. Combine them not just with jeans, but also with midi-length dresses. Stylish and comfortable!


Vest + Shorts

The suit vest is one of the main hits of the season. Thirty or forty years ago we couldn’t imagine that men’s three-piece suit element could not just harmoniously fit into a woman’s wardrobe, but also entrench as as the status of a class. You can wear a suit vest all year round and not only as a part of a costume. The most comfortable and versatile combination for this summer will be a vest with shorts.