How to become an interior designer with no experience

If you are interested in decorating a house, coming up with interior ideas, and at the same time would like to earn more money, you are probably wondering how to become an interior designer on your own.
When you are just starting out, this profession seems daunting, you ask a ton of questions, including what it takes to take to become an interior designer.

How to become an interior designer from basics? To do this, it is not necessary to study for an architect at the university for 5 years and have 10 years of experience in construction.

We’ve collected the opinions of famous European interior designers who will tell you how to become an interior designer with no experience and where to start.

How much time do you need to study to become an interior designer?

Lyndall Fernie, founder of agency

“The most important thing when you just start is not much theoretical knowledge but practical skills.
You can learn in a pretty short period of time, for example by taking short courses in interior design. You don’t have to go to university and study there for 5 years.

I believe that a six-month to one-year course in interior design will be enough to get a job with an interior design firm. Then you can get more practical experience – project management and working with clients. ”

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How can a beginner interior designer create a portfolio from scratch?

Athina Bluff, founder of design bureau

“Many people think of a portfolio first when they start working as an interior designer. They try to make beautiful photos of interiors and order professional renderings. They are looking for many clients and believe that without a solid list of projects they will not find clients. But it’s not always the case. First and foremost, I recommend taking the time to create mood boards, concept plans and 2D layouts that show your creativity.

This will allow you to show your potential employers or clients your vision, your personal style and capabilities – it doesn’t matter if there are not many practical projects.

Currently, design projects must be prepared exclusively in digital format, so consider creating digital mood boards, 2D visualizations, floor plan drawings, 3D floor plans and imagine that you are working on a real project.

The best thing about doing this type of exercise is that you don’t have client or budget limits, so you can really let your imagination run wild and create some innovative designs. Once you’ve got a few different projects, you can start seeing how your portfolio is building, and you can use that to attract new clients or get hired.

But of course, it is important to understand that your clients’ reviews, especially the very first ones, play a big role. “

What is the best way to start working as an interior designer from scratch?

Anna Burles, founder of @runforthehillslondon

“Don’t try to start working individually with clients right away. Gain experience as an assistant interior designer trainee in a design agency, you will learn a lot by seeing how a real studio works. And you will probably make some of your first mistakes where it is safe, surrounded by a team that will support you. You will also find out how much time it takes to develop, detail and create a project.

Ask questions and ask for help instead of dealing with problems alone. It is much better to ask a specialist for advice and do everything right than to doubt and make gross mistakes in projects.

My advice: Before you come up with a design for your interior, you should check all the design drawings for practical purposes with expert builders and see the legal requirements in your country. Always double check the height of the furniture when working on projects, such as the height of the seats on sofas and armchairs next to coffee tables. ”

So how to become an interior designer?

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