How to create visual displays in a clothing store: lesson of merchandising

Display in a shop is one of the most powerful place to sell clothes. But not everybody knows how to create good retail display.
Today our teacher of online course “Visual Merchandiser” will tell you what displays are and how to create them.

What is a clothing store display?

There are two important things that any merchandiser should be able to work with – shop windows and displays.
If with windows everything is clear, not all clothing stores know about displays.And not everybody knows how you can sell more using display.

What does a display look like in a clothing store?

Everyone knows what a shop window looks like. These are some banners, a composition of mannequins, an unusual attribute, which is located right at the entrance to the store. The task of the shop window is to attract the attention of ordinary passers-by and make them enter the store.

A display in a clothing store is something like a window display, but it is indoors. These are focal points that attract the attention of buyers inside the store itself.

For example, it can be a group of mannequins, or a rack with one single bag that immediately attracts attention, or it is a rack, and there are three bright bags on it – there can be many ideas.

The main thing is that all this must get buyers stay and examine clothes on the displays thoroughly to buy them later.

Why do we need to create displays in a clothing store?

According to statistics, with the help of a properly designed display, sales in a store can be increased by 2-3 times. Why else do you need a display?

  • Convince a customer to buy certain things

It happens that in the store there are some premium, fashionable things, bestsellers that are important to sell in the first place.

If these items are placed on displays, they will be sold faster.

Statistics of clothing stores indicate that sales of items on displays are 70% higher than sales of items on conventional hangers.

The only thing that should not be put on display is too basic and unpopular things. If they have been sold for several seasons already very poorly, then the display will not help them.

  • Convince the customer to enter the store

We had students in the course “Visual Fashion Merchandiser” who have their own clothing stores without display cases (a separate room without a window, and therefore it is simply impossible to organize a display window). Or the clothes are presented in different halls of the department store, where there is no separation between departments.
In this case, it is also very important to attract the attention of clients with such displays. The display will act as a showcase, attracting new customers to the store.

  • Help to create a store image

Surely you’ve noticed that there are clothing stores where you feel a luxurious glamorous atmosphere, all things seem designer and expensive. But there are boutiques (with designer things and expensive prices) where a feeling of flow and cheapness is created.
With the help of a beautifully designed display, you can create a certain atmosphere in a fashion store and add premiumness to its image in the eyes of buyers.

Remember: the more premium a clothing boutique looks, the more customers are willing to pay for clothes in it.

  • Show new collections

Do you have a new collection? Then it is best represented on displays. The display immediately catches the eye of the buyer and he/she gets a sense of novelty of the range.

  • Show how to wear clothing

Displays can be used as a hint to customers on how to wear and combine things. If a mannequin is used in the display, it is better to wear not 1-2 things on it (only skirt and blouse for example), but create a multi-layer outfit with accessories. Very often, clients (if they like the image on the mannequin) try to completely recreate it and buy all the things from the outfit.

It is important that in your stock there are items which you promote on displays