How to display scarves: merchandising tips

According to statistics, the more clothes and accessories are unusually designed and presented, the higher its sales. Therefore, when designing a fashion store, you should always look for original and unusual ways of merchandising. 
Today we’ll show you merchandising ideas for scarves and shawls. How they can be hung in an unusual way in a store to attract new buyers.

Do you want to become a visual fashion merchandiser!

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1. Tie scarves to decorative items, such as stairs

2. Hang the scarves randomly on the hangers

3. Decorate the mannequins with scarves and shawls

4. Hang up the scarves so that you get the installation

5. Roll up scarves and shawls

7. Tie the rack with a scarf

8. Make a skirt out of scarves

9. Hang scarves or shawls on clothespins

10. Tie a scarf on the bag

11. Make an “ice cream” with a scarf and a waffle cone

12. Carefully fold the scarves in layers into a transparent vase