How to dress stylish and trendy in 2021. Fashion during pandemic

The pandemic greatly influenced fashion, and what was stylish to wear just six months ago is no longer relevant today.
We would like to share with you the biggest change in fashion that is happening right now.
Our Italian stylist from Milan Silvia Stefanini will tell you what style is currently in fashion, and what clothes are considered not trendy today.

Style No. 1 in the whole world today

You’ve probably noticed how many jersey suits, sweatpants and sweatshirts have recently been presented in stores. And this is no coincidence.
Indeed, in fashion all over the world, the number one style today is the “comfy” style.

What is a Comfy Style?

Why did this style become popular?

Usually, it is fashion that sets us the ways how to dress and how to combine clothes from the wardrobe. However, this year there is a unique situation.
The pandemic, lockdown and the need to work/study from home have led people to stop separating clothes according to situations.

Traditionally, it is considered stylish to dress according to the situation.
For work and office – one piece of clothing. For home – completely different. For dates and meetings with girlfriends – another variant.
During the pandemic, the number of leaving the house decreased and clothing began to unify.
Instead of 3 styles, there appeared one universal style in our wardrobe – “comfy”.
Clothes in this style are not only comfortable to wear, but they can also look very fashionable.

What is not trendy to wear now?

At the beginning of 2020, at the shows, in the photos of street-style photographers, we saw many interesting and creative outfits. This is a mixing of prints, and a non-standard combination of styles (sundresses over jeans, guipure dresses over jumpsuits).
Today such combinations are considered outdated and not trendy.
It is considered irrelevant to dress colorful, bright, too creative. This is due to the mood that prevails in society. The pandemic kind of made people think about something more important than just clothes.

Therefore, if you have such clothes or things (for example, a coat with bright prints or drawings), then they should be put away until the end of the pandemic. These things will definitely return to fashion, but not today.
Today, the “comfy” style reigns everywhere.