How to find your style: fashion experiment

You often ask us how to create stylish looks and enliven your wardrobe.
You look at the photos of fashion bloggers and it seems that you can create stylish outfits only if you have a lot of money and designer clothes.
Today we want to show you a stylish experiment.
You can try out this interesting experiment even if you have a minimum of clothes in your wardrobe, or you don’t go anywhere and sit at home most of the time.

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In style, there are different rules for combining clothing colors.

One of the most spectacular color combinations of recent seasons is monochrome, i.e. when a person puts on clothes in the same color, but in different shades.

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What is the sense of the experiment:

Within 1 week, every day you need to make 1 set of clothes in 1 color (there may be different shades).
For example, an outfit in blue colors, a look in pink colors, etc.
The style of the outfit is absolutely not important, concentrate only on the color.
Shoes can be of any color.

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Even if you are sitting at home, you can also follow these rules. You can create home outfits in monochrome colors. This experiment can be carried out by both a woman and a man.

By following such an experiment, we guarantee you that you will discover a lot of new and interesting clothes and combinations in your usual wardrobe.

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