How to layer clothes like a fashion pro


It is generally accepted that layering is only an autumn-winter trend, when a significant number of clothing items in looks is based on necessity.

Harsh climate with dramatic difference in seasons leaves its mark. For warm countries layering is more a stylistic feature. For us it is a severe necessity in order not to get cold. That’s why, when warm weather comes, we try to wear as few clothes, as possible.

But we shouldn’t ignore this trend when spring comes. If we add the layering feature in our casual look, we will immediately improve our look. The look with layering shows that we worked on it.

In this article we will tell you about styling features with the use of layering.

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Grunge in 90s

Grunge now

A little of history: The layering of the last seasons is a nostalgia about the 90s. Just not literal quotes, but a revised and extensively expanded reissue. Then layering was the main stylistic feature, especially wne grunge was popular. Because the main idea of grunge was that you you found all the clothes which were anywhere and you put them on anyhow.


The easiest example of layering is a shirt under a knitted jumper. A lifehack for creating a layering look is wearing a belt over other items of clothing. It will help to connect all the layers and will make the silhouette more elegant.

the tendency

If we refer to looks from fashion shows, we can notice the tendency to lay similar clothes on each other. Miucci Prada and the stylist Lotta Volkova were the first to launch this tendency several seasons ago, when they offered to put long sleeves and t-shirts of different tones, but from the same thin fabric on each other at Miu Miu fashion show.

volant skirts

Other designers took advantage of this feature. For example, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough from Proenza Shouler. They offered to put on the same tight-fitting long sleeves and volant skirts from semi-transparent fabric. It will help you to wear too transparent clothes and will make you look fashionable.


Transparent blouses, dresses and skirts have become the must-have trend of the latest spring-summer collections. And exactly the layering is a good way to to wear transparent clothes. Layering can also look like this: clothes from semi-transparent fabric some people wear over tops form more thick fabric.


The most interesting question about layering is if there is a limit in the quantity of layers in the look. You should remember, that the maximum quantity of layers for the look is from 3 to 4. All what’s more is a top class, which is available only for professionals.

horizontal and vertical

Layering can be horizontal and vertical. You should avoid vertical one. If you layer clothes vertically, items of clothing will be seen from under each other, and such look will be not neatly. And clothing of one length will look quite appropriate.


The Texture
In multi-layering sets the combination of fabrics, based on the principles of contrast looks the best. You can contrast the structure, for example; smooth and relief, matte and transparent, rough leather and a delicate cashmere, showy vinyl and plain cotton, casual denim and satin for a night-out.


The color
If you experiment with wearing unusual color combinations, you may be taken as a crazy. A win-win decision is have all the set in one color with a difference in several tones. You can make your look in natural colors, for example woody, milky, marsh tones or stick to achromaticcombinations. Anyway, it’s better not to use more than one or two bright colors.