How to Start a Successful Clothing Brand

Do you dream of creating the clothes or already sew collections?

For certain, you have a question: how to make your clothes commercially successfully? 

How to create the known fashion brand which will be popular?

The very first important step here – to decide what things in general to sew and then to sell.

Today we will tell you about what assortment you should choose for the collection to sell it better.

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The author of the heading is the teacher of the course “Fashion designer”, the fashion designer Yulia Kulakova.

Today I want to tell you how to choose the assortment for your brand.

Did you decide to open the brand? For certain you think what assortment it is better to choose – interesting to you and commercially successful.

I will tell you about different variants which have the pluses and minuses.

Women’s clothing

The most popular niche.
On the one hand, the assortment is the most demanded. On the other hand, it means that in this segment there will be a large competition with other designers.However, at the same time there a lot of customers therefore there is a chance to find a large number of clients.
In this assortment group it is easier to find employees who will help to sew a collection, the designers. It is a plus.

How to differ from the competitors?

1 variant — it is necessary to show enough originality to make people coming to you.

If your clothes is absolutely different from other brands, then it is permissible to use also synthetic fabrics. The idea will be the main thing here.

The example of such designer brand is Comme.

2 variant — the quality is on top — only natural fabrics and high-quality tailoring.

In general, it is better if both of these conditions coincide!

Men’s wear

Men, as you understand, are quite a difficult segment. Among them there is a small percent of dandies. So it is necessary to understand that your original idea will not be sold in large quantities.

And, however, in this niche the competition is small, it gives you the right to make rather big prices (of course, the quality should be on the level).
If you are a man, then this segment will be more understandable to you.

And here the woman needs to understand very much this target audience to create for it relevant things.


It is a grateful niche where it is possible to have a minimum of funds at the very beginning.
It is required a little amount of materials for 1 item, there is no dimensional grid, as a rule.
The exception is footwear. But this niche is a little more difficult, than others. Here it is already difficult to cope by yourself, the production is required.If you will be engaged in bags or jewellery production, then you will cope with it without attracting other people and without renting the room.

And when you will promote the brand, it is possible to begin to develop and expand production.

There is a condition — you need to know well area in which you will be engaged.

Then the prime cost and the final price of accessories will be less. Remember that people spend the smaller sums much easier than large.
But keep in mind – to earn in this niche you need large numbers of sales. I.e. you need to think over the ways you will sell the products.


It’s the most difficult niche because it is necessary to observe many state standard specifications and to know what is required to children and their mothers for sure.

It is an ideal, but not simple way for those who have children.

On the other hand, having reached ideal basic designs, releasing the collections, you can use them many years, changing only fabrics, colors and prints.
One more complexity of a kidswear — a big dimensional grid.
For a start it is possible to choose only one age period.
For example, only up to 3 years or from 3 to 10 years.The plus of this niche — parents spend for children much more money, than for themselves. And children grow quickly! If they like your brand, they will come back.

The main tip for the choice of a niche for the brand:

It is important to remember that it is necessary to show originality and uniqueness in your brand.

It should be well recognised by your clients. They should understand that they won’t find such clothes anywhere or at least in their city.